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Review: Coming Home to Seashell Harbor (Seashell Harbor #1)

Review: Coming Home to Seashell Harbor (Seashell Harbor #1) by Miranda Liasson

An emotional novel about first love, second chances, and what it means to follow your heart from this award-winning author who "writes with humor and heart" (Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author).

Hadley Wells swapped her dreams of saving the planet for the glamour of Hollywood. But when a very public breakup reveals cracks in her not-so-perfect life, she returns to her hometown to reassess what it is she truly wants. Unfortunately, Seashell Harbor has some trouble of its own—including the first man to ever break her heart.

A serious injury forced footballer Tony Cammareri into early retirement—now he’s determined to reboot his life with a splashy new restaurant venture. He knows better than to expect a happy reunion with Hadley, but he’s determined to make up for the way things ended between them. Yet when Tony and Hadley end up vying for control of the town’s future, they find themselves once again on opposing sides.

As their rivalry intensifies, they must decide what’s worth fighting for—and what it truly means to be happy.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: This reminded me so much of a Hallmark movie, which is a big compliment! Reading about Hadley and Tony's romance was great!

Characters: I liked all the characters, and I look forward to reading a bunch of their love stories in future books!

The Cover: I LOVE this cover!

Overall: This was a really nice romance, that I would definitely recommend trying!

I received a finished copy of this book from the publisher.

Blog Tour: Spotlight on Crazy About a Cowboy!

 Hi, everyone! Hi, everyone! I'm very happy to be a part of the blog tour for Crazy about a Cowboy by Dylann Crush! Here's a spotlight on the book.

Crazy about a Cowboy (Tying the Knot in Texas #3) by Dylann Crush

A farmer’s son must convince a beauty queen that his town is the most romantic small town in Texas, all while making sure his rival town doesn’t sabotage the competition—but can win her over without falling head over heels?

While locals know Ido is the most romantic town in Texas, it still has some tough competition from larger, more well-known towns. But when the neighboring town is disqualified from the running, Mayor Lacey Cherish thinks they may finally have a fighting chance…with the right hospitality host, that is. Desperate to save his family farm by garnering more tourism, Jasper Taylor agrees to take on the role. He will do anything it takes to win Ido the title, even if it means catering to a beauty queen’s every whim for a month.

When the panel comes to evaluate the town, former beauty queen-turned-reluctant-judge, Delilah Stone, receives a less than perfect welcome. Everything that could possibly go right goes wrong, and Delilah is more convinced than ever that Ido doesn’t stand a chance against the competition. While it could just be a series of unlucky coincidences, Jasper thinks the root of their misfortunes may be a figure from his past who he hoped was out of his life for good…

Now it’s up to Jasper to show Delilah just how romantic the town of Ido can be, even if it means losing his own heart in the process.

Author BioDylann Crush is the author of All American Cowboy and Cowboy Christmas Jubilee. A romantic at heart, she loves her heroines spunky and her heroes super sexy. When she's not dreaming up steamy story lines, she can be found sipping a margarita and searching for the best Tex-Mex food in Minnesota. Although she grew up in Texas, she currently lives in a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul with her unflappable husband, three energetic kids, a clumsy Great Dane, a rescue mutt, and a very chill cat. She loves to connect with readers, other authors, and fans of tequila. You can find her at dylanncrush.com.

I hope you'll add this book to your TBR list! It released today! :)

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

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Blog Tour: Spotlight on Match Made in Paradise!

Hi, everyone! I'm so happy to be a part of the blog tour for Match Made in Paradise by Barbara Dunlop! I read an e-ARC of this book, and I thought (My review also went up today!) it was a really good start to a series, so I hope you'll check it out!

Match Made in Paradise by Barbara Dunlop

What happens when a spoiled supermodel from Los Angeles decides to move to the harsh landscape of the Alaskan frontier? Swipe right on this hilarious, opposites-attract romance to find out!

After the death of her much older husband, supermodel Mia Westberg finds herself in a difficult legal battle over the ownership of his fashion house and under the scrutiny of the media. In order to stay out of the public eye, Mia packs her bags and leaves Los Angeles, escaping to visit her cousin Raven, a shipping expeditor working in a remote part of Alaska—a place where no reporter would follow. It’s immediately clear Mia isn’t ready for everything Paradise, Alaska has in store for her: the wild animals, insanely harsh weather, and a gorgeous bush pilot who is immune to her charms.

When pilot Silas Burke flies a beautiful blonde into town, it doesn’t take him long to figure her out. She’s an entitled city girl who had no business in the rough terrain of Alaska. After seeing her struggle, he helps her acclimate to life in Paradise despite his better judgment. He’s an impatient teacher and she’s a frustrated pupil—and nothing gets them more fired up than each other. Can these two polar opposites find common ground and possibly something more?

Photo Creditarchbould.com

Author BioBarbara Dunlop is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has published more than fifty novels. Her stories have ranged from lighthearted comedies to family sagas. Barbara is a four-time finalist for the RWA RITA award, and her Tule novel His Jingle Bell Princess has been optioned by Motion Picture Corporation of America for a Hallmark movie. Barbara resides in Yukon, Canada with her bush pilot husband. You can find her at www.barbaradunlop.com.

I hope you'll add this book to your TBR list! It releases tomorrow! :)

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

Review: Match Made in Paradise (Paradise, Alaska #1)

 Review: Match Made in Paradise (Paradise, Alaska #1) by Barbara Dunlop

The first in an enchanting new contemporary romance series featuring rugged Alaskan pilots who are about to meet their match from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Dunlop.

Supermodel Mia Westberg has found herself under the scrutiny of the paparazzi after her much older husband dies and leaves her his fashion house. In order to stay out of the public eye, she packs her things and leaves Los Angeles, escaping to visit her cousin Raven, a shipping expeditor working in a remote part of Alaska--where Mia is sure the tabloids won't follow. But she isn't ready for everything Paradise, Alaska throws at her: the wild animals, insanely harsh weather, and a certain no-nonsense bush pilot.

When pilot Silas Burke flies a beautiful blonde into town, it doesn't take him long to figure her out. She's a spoiled, entitled city girl who has zero business in the rough terrain of Alaska, where the storms are as unforgiving as the dangerous wildlife. After seeing her struggle, and against his better judgment, he helps her acclimate to life in Paradise. But he's an impatient teacher and she's a frustrated pupil--and nothing gets them fired up more than each other. Can these two polar opposites find common ground and possibly something more?

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: I really enjoyed it! I felt so sorry for Mia, and how cruel people were towards her, but I really liked reading about her gaining confidence in herself and her abilities, and finding good people to surround herself with. I also really liked how the set up for more books in the series began in this one! And I loved the ending!

Characters: I liked all the characters in it! And I'm happy that the next book is about Marnie, I think that will be fun. (And hopefully a book about Raven and Brodie?!)

The Cover: I think it's cute!

Overall: I really enjoyed this book, and I think it's a great start to a new series that I will definitely want to continue reading!

I received an e-ARC from the publisher.

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Review: Death in Bloom (A Flower House Mystery #1)

Review: Death in Bloom (A Flower House Mystery #1) by Jess Dylan 

The first in a sweet and colorful cozy mystery series from Jess Dylan, Death in Bloom introduces flower shop owner Sierra Ravenswood.

At the Flower House, every rose has its thorn . . .

Sierra Ravenswood is the new part-time employee of the Flower House, a flower shop in Aerieville, Tennessee. It's true she didn't expect to be back in her hometown at twenty-eight-years-old, but after her dream of making it as a singer in Nashville crashed and burned, she's just grateful to have found a soft place to land.

Because, after all, Sierra firmly believes in being optimistic and positive about life, so she's sure she won't have to work at the Flower House forever. But things take a decidedly negative turn when a customer drops dead in the middle of her new bouquet-arranging workshop at the store. When it's discovered he was poisoned by a snack at the event, everyone at the workshop, including Sierra, is on the suspect list. To make matters worse, her boss has gone AWOL and left the store to her for the cost of one dollar, leaving Sierra in charge of both his store and his high-energy Corgi puppy, Gus.

The town is on edge, and Sierra knows that murder is something that an upbeat attitude and a bouquet of sweet-smelling roses can't fix. She's determined to figure out whodunit, before anyone else in town meets an untimely reason for needing funeral flowers.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: I really enjoyed this cozy! I guessed part of what the mystery was, but didn't figure out all of it, so that's nice. And I really liked that the mystery took place at a flower shop, because all the descriptions of flowers were fun! (And after reading, I want to try putting together a fresh flower bouquet!)

Characters: Sierra was a good main character! I liked the supporting characters. And I feel like there's going to be more mystery involving one character mentioned, but won't say more for fear of spoiling people...

The Cover: It's really cute! I like it a lot!

Overall: I think this was a really good start to a new cozy mystery series, and I know I will be reading the next book! Overall, I definitely recommend reading it!

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! Wrap Up!

Hi, everyone! Today is the end of Yay For Middle Grade Books! 2021! All of the interviews were fantastic, and I hope you enjoyed reading them all (I know I did!)! I want to again thank all the authors who participated this year, and everyone who read, commented, tweeted, and in any way supported this event. You all are awesome! Now, onto the wrap up! :)

Interview With Stephanie Kate Strohm!

Interview With Elizabeth C. Bunce!

Spotlight on Middle Grade Books!

Interview With Daisy May Johnson!

Interview With Amy Noelle Parks!

Weren't those posts fantastic?! Thank you again to everyone, and here's to next year! :)

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! Interview With Amy Noelle Parks!


Hi, everyone! Today I'm pleased to present an interview with Amy Noelle Parks, author of the Middle Grade novel, Summer of Brave. She is has also written the YA novel, The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss.

The bold font are the questions I asked, the regular font are her answers, and the bold italic font are my comments about her answers.

Would you please tell us a little about Summer of Brave?

Summer of Brave is the story of a 12-year-old people pleaser whose best friend dares her to give up white lies and silences. Lilla struggles to do this as she navigates her parents' divorce, academic pressure, her first crush, and her first experience with cat-calling. While the events are imaginary, it's a super personal story. Even as an adult, I still struggle to not let other people's feelings and desires swamp mine.

You’ve published both YA and MG books! Did you always want to write both?

Truthfully, I haven't always wanted to write either. I was a reader for a long time before I was a writer and came to creating my own stories pretty late in life. I read more YA so those stories come a little more easily to me, but my agent suggested that it might be a good idea for me to diversify a little. And I have to say, I didn't think I'd be able to do it until I discovered the recent wave of Upper MG. I'm super interested in writing about relationships--both friendships and romances---and I don't think I could write a book that didn't have these at the heart. But I really love the way current MG books are taking this on.

Random Question! What’s your favorite color? 

Any shade of blue.

Blue is my favorite color! :)

If you're able to talk about it, what are you currently working on?

Well, I'm working with my editor on my second YA rom-com, Lia and Beckett's Abracadabra, which is a Romeo-and-Juliet style love story between the kids of rival families who live in a magic-themed resort town. Lia and Beckett fall for each other while competing in a magic contest for the rights to the town theater. 

I'm also writing my second MG, which is inspired by E.L. Koningsburg's The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, about a seventh grade girl who runs away to a college campus to confront the coder who made the app that her parents use to track her every movement.

These both sound really good! :)

What are some of your favorite MG books you've read? And what are some that you're looking forward to reading?

My favorite MG book of modern times (A Wrinkle in Time will always be my all time favorite) is Well, That Was Awkward by Rachel Vail. It's hilarious and heart-breaking and true, and Gracie and her friend Emmet are so unbearably cute together. It's the best banter in an MG book I've ever read. And while that's my favorite, I'd recommend every single one of Rachel Vail's books. I also loved Star Crossed by Barbara Dee, which is a really cute Romeo and Juliet and retelling about two eighth-grade girls. This is a little more actiony, but I thought Sheela Chari 's The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel was funny and fast-based and just super fun. In terms of what I'm looking forward to--Shannon Doleski's second book Gabe in the After is due out in a year, and it's some kind of post-apocalyptic Anne of Green Gables retelling, which sounds incredibly intriguing. 

Great picks! :)

Thank you to Amy Noelle Parks for participating in this event! :)

Author Bio: Amy Noelle Parks is an associate professor at Michigan State University. When she’s not using One Direction lyrics as a writing prompt, she’s helping future teachers recover from the trauma of years of school mathematics. She lives in Michigan with her husband and two daughters.

Here Are A Few Links:

Her Website

Her Twitter

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! Interview With Daisy May Johnson!


Hi, everyone! today I'm happy to present an interview with Daisy May Johnson, whose debut Middle Grade novel, How to Be Brave, releases in the US in July.

The bold font are the questions I asked, the regular font are her answers, and the bold italic font are my comments about her answers.

Would you please tell us a little about How to Be Brave?

When Calla North's mum, Elizabeth, is offered the job opportunity of a lifetime - researching ducks in the Amazon rainforest - Calla heads off to boarding school. But The School of The Good Sisters is no ordinary boarding school - there's a horrible new headmistress who's far too fond of kale and the pupils are ready to revolt. As Calla settles into her strange new world, something terrible happens to Elizabeth - and it's up to Calla and her new friends to figure out how to save the day. There's a lot of cake, a lot of nuns, a lot of puns, a whole world of adventure.... and ducks!

What was the inspiration for the book?

I call How To Be Brave my 'indulgent' book - it's built on everything I love. For example, I'm a passionate fan of the British school story genre, and have read a lot of them in my time - ranging from things published in the 1900s right through to the present day. I love how empowering the genre is and how they unapologetically centre girls and women in their own adventures. When I came to write How To Be Brave, I was thinking a lot about how you could play with those ideas in a modern context - and that's what got me started...

Random Question! What is your favorite dessert?

I'm very fond of a good slice of cake! It has to be the right slice of cake for the right occasion though - it's a fine art :)

I agree! :)

If you're able to talk about it, what are you currently working on?

I am working on the sequel to How To Be Brave which is *very* exciting times. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say much at the moment about it, but I will say that it features a character I absolutely fell in love with whilst writing HTBB. Turns out that I couldn't let them go without telling more of their story...

What are some of your favorite MG books you've read? And what are some that you're looking forward to reading?

Wow, where to begin! Okay - I love everything that Susie Day does, ditto Hilary McKay, Katherine Rundell, and Sita Brahmachari. I can't wait to read Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds, as I've loved his other work - and I've also got my eyes on a graphic novel adaptation of Anne of Green Gables by Mariah Marsden. I love seeing graphic novels playing around with classics. 

Graphic Novel adaptions of classics are always fun! :)

Thank you to Daisy May Johnson for participating in this event! :)

Here Are a Few Links:

Her Website

Her Twitter

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! Spotlight on Middle Grade Books!

Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to write a little spotlight post on the books of the authors participating! The links go to Goodreads, so you can add them to your TBR lists. 

Once Upon a Tide: A Mermaid's Tale by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Princess Lana is the youngest ambassador ever to represent her underwater kingdom, Clarion, at the Royal Festival on land. And even though it means trading her mermaid tail for a clumsy pair of legs—and worse, spending a week with her mother, who chose life on land over her children seven years ago—Lana can’t wait to prove her political chops.

But once on shore, nothing goes as planned. The children of visiting dignitaries spread nasty rumors about Lana and her brother eavesdropping on humans’ thoughts just because they can communicate telepathically underwater—never mind that their powers don’t work on land. Lana’s mom is wrapped up in the king of a neighboring kingdom, who turns out to be her new boyfriend. And despite her ambassador status, no one will let Lana near a single important negotiation or meeting.
Then an earthquake strikes Clarion, and though Lana’s desperate to rush to the aid of her people, her father insists she stay away indefinitely. As the days on land add up, nothing her parents tell her about the disaster makes sense. Soon Lana uncovers signs that more nefarious forces may be at work—and they could spell war for her people. Can Lana uncover the truth about what happened and protect those she loves before it’s too late?

An Edgar Award–winning series!

Twelve-year-old Young Lady of Quality and Victorian amateur detective Myrtle Hardcastle returns, and now she’s on the trail of a serial killer in her hometown of Swinburne.
When Mr. Leighton, proprietor of Leighton’s Mercantile, is found dead on the evening his annual Christmas shop display is to be unveiled, it’s clear a killer had revenge in mind. But who would want to kill the local dry-goods merchant? Perhaps someone who remembers the unresolved, long-ago scandal that occurred when he was a professor and archaeologist. When the killer strikes again, ­­­each time manipulating the figures in the display to foretell the crime, Myrtle finds herself racing to uncover the long-buried facts of a historical scandal—and the motivations of a modern murderer. 

Calla North and her mother Elizabeth live a quiet but happy life together. Elizabeth happens to be the world's leading expert on ducks—but unfortunately, being an expert on ducks doesn't always pay the bills (no pun intended).

When Elizabeth is offered a well-paid research trip to the Amazon, it's an opportunity too good to miss. But while her mother’s off exploring, Calla winds up at boarding school. No adventures are likely to find her there—or so she thinks.

Then Calla receives the terrible news that her mother's plane has gone missing. Can Calla, her friends, and a motley crew of nuns defeat an evil new headmistress and find Elizabeth before it’s too late?

Twelve-year-old Lilla Baxter-Willoughby doesn't lie. She's just a little bit...selective. To keep her parents happy, Lilla hides how much she hates moving back and forth between their houses, and she stomps down her doubts about that elite high school they're pushing her toward. To keep peace with her best friend Vivi, Lilla doesn't share that she got the junior camp counselor job that Vivi wanted. And even though--no, especially because--he seems into it, Lilla does not tell the boy she grew up with about all the little sparks that flared up inside her the day she noticed his Suddenly Adorable Freckles. So when Vivi dares Lilla to start telling the truth as part of their Summer of Brave, Lilla hesitates. Because if she says out loud what she really wants, her whole life might crash down around her. And she doesn't need that. Except maybe she does.

I hope all of these books are on your TBR list! :)

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! Interview With Elizabeth C. Bunce!


Hi, everyone! Today I'm pleased to present an interview with Elizabeth C. Bunce, who is the author of the Myrtle Hardcastle mystery series, which began with Premeditated Myrtle. The third book in the series, Cold-Blooded Myrtle, releases in October. She is also the author of YA novels, including the Thief Errant series.

The bold font are the questions I asked, the regular font are her answers, and the bold italic font are my comments about her answers.

Would you please tell us a little about the Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries?

Myrtle Hardcastle is a twelve year old Victorian Young Lady of Quality with a highly unconventional interest in criminology and a knack for solving murders. With the assistance of her unflappable governess, Miss Judson, and a highly opinionated cat, Peony, Myrtle uncovers the secrets and criminals lurking beneath the deceptively cozy world of her Victorian village (with an occasional side trip: MHM #2, How to Get Away with Myrtle, finds Myrtle on a railway holiday to the seaside!).

Book #3 in the series, Cold-Blooded Myrtle, releases in October! Would you like to tell us a little about what awaits Myrtle in the new book?

Myrtle’s third adventure is so much fun! Her Exceptionally Victorian holiday season is interrupted by a string of cryptic murders in the village. In her most personal case yet, Myrtle, Miss Judson, and Peony must solve a cold case from Myrtle’s mother’s past in order to unmask a killer stalking the snowy streets of Swinburne. 

This sounds so good! :)

Random Question! If you could travel to any period in time for one day, where and when would you go? 

Oooh, one day? I’m going to say 16th century Italy—probably Florence. I don’t speak Italian, but I think I could manage for a single day! (That now sounds like a challenge… or inspiration for a short story!) The Italian Renaissance has always been one of my favorite historical eras, and influenced my Thief Errant novels, StarCrossed and Liar’s Moon. I’ve also long been a devotee of the clothing of the era, and much of my historical costuming is inspired by Italian Renaissance artwork. (I’m not answering Victorian England because it feels like I’ve been living there for years now!)

If you're able to talk about it, what are you currently working on?

I am actually on vacation right now! As of writing this, I’m just about to turn in Myrtle Hardcastle Mysteries #4, In Myrtle Peril, and preparing to fully enjoy that heavenly period of relaxation where it’s too early to hear back from my editor with revisions. That means my days are full of sewing. Right now I’m working on Victorian-era doll costuming, including a piece from the cover of Cold-Blooded Myrtle, and a little surprise for Myrtle’s schoolroom. You can follow all my Making progress on Instagram: @elizabethcbunce (Also, I’m overdue for a dental checkup, so I suppose I’ll have to do that, too. And catch up on the laundry.)

I love the titles of the Myrtle books! :)

What are some of your favorite MG books you've read? And what are some that you're looking forward to reading?

As you can probably tell from my work, I am a big fan of classic-feeling middle grades, exemplified by books like The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I think my all-time favorite modern MG must be Eva Ibbotson’s The Star of Kazan, a wonderful historical adventure about missing heirs and lost jewels, full of gorgeous descriptions and richly-drawn characters. As for upcoming reads? I will take anything with ghosts, and am open for recommendations! 

I haven't read The Star of Kazan, I need to look it up! :)

Thank you to Elizabeth C. Bunce for participating in this event! :)

Author BioElizabeth C. Bunce grew up on a steady diet of Sherlock Holmes, Trixie Belden, and Quincy, M.E., and always played the lead prosecutor in mock trial. She has never had a governess, and no one has ever accused her of being irrepressible, but a teacher did once call her “argumentative”—which was entirely untrue, and she can prove it. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and their cats. You can find her online at elizabethcbunce.com.

Here Are a Few Links:

Her Website

Her Twitter

Her Instagram

Her Facebook

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! Interview With Stephanie Kate Strohm!


Hi, everyone! Today I'm happy to present an interview with Stephanie Kate Strohm, whose first MG novel, Once Upon a Tide: A Mermaid's Tale, releases in September! She is also the author of multiple YA novels, including her most recent, Restless Hearts (Katy Keene). Her debut Graphic Novel series,  Arden High, written with Molly Horton Booth and Jamie Green, launces next year.

The bold font are the questions I asked, the regular font are her answers, and the bold italic font are my comments about her answers.

Would you please tell us a little about Out of Water?

Once Upon a Tide is about a fourteen year old mermaid princess named Lana. She lives under the sea with her dad, but once a year she spends a week on land with her mom at the Royal Festival. Lana is dreading her weekly visit - until she's named the youngest ambassador in her kingdom's history! Of course, once she's on land, things don't quite go as planned...especially when Lana develops some unexpected magical powers...

Ooh, this sounds so good! :)

Mermaids are awesome! Who are some of your favorite mermaids in books and movies?

Ariel is of course iconic - I saw the movie in theatres in 1989, and it started a lifelong love of mermaids, and The Little Mermaid in particular. (Do I know every word to every song? You know I do.) I also loved the movie Splash, and I had a book as a kid called "Mermaid Tales from Around the World" that I read so many times it started to fall apart!

When I think of mermaids, Ariel is the first one that I think of! *hums part of your world* :)

Random Question! Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

Fly! Seems like it would be very handy for avoiding the freeway! (I just moved to LA, and I'm definitely still adjusting to the traffic, haha.)

If you're able to talk about it, what are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on the Arden High graphic novels series with Molly Horton Booth and Jamie Green! They're YA adaptations of Shakespeare plays set in a modern, magical high school. Our first book, Twelfth Grade Night, will be out in Fall of 2022, and King Cheer the year after that! This is my first graphic novel and I've absolutely loved the process. I hope I get to write many more!

What are some of your favorite MG books you've read? And what are some that you're looking forward to reading?

I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of The Chance to Fly by Ali Stroker and Stacy Davidowitz - I love musical theatre! The Gilded Girl by Alyssa Colman is also at the top of my TBR pile. Recently, I've loved Stand Up, Yumi Chung! by Jessica Kim and The Only Black Girls in Town by Brandy Colbert. And Jen Calonita's Fairy Tale Reform school series is a perennial favorite of mine!

Fantastic picks! :)

Thank you to Stephanie Kate Strohm for participating in this event! :)

Author Bio: Stephanie Kate Strohm is the author of Love a la Mode; Prince in Disguise; It's Not Me, It's You; That's Not What I Heard; The Date to Save; and Katy Keene: Restless Hearts. She grew up in Connecticut and attended Middlebury College in Vermont, where she was voted Winter Carnival Queen. Currently she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son. Her middle-grade debut, Once Upon a Tide: A Mermaid's Tale, will be released in September.

Here are a few links:

Her Website

Her Twitter

Her Instagram

Her Facebook

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Yay For Middle Grade Books! 2021 Launch Post!


Hi, everyone! I am so happy to present the schedule for Yay For Middle Grade Books! 2021 here today on the blog! All of the authors participating are fantastic, and I can't wait for you all to get to read their interviews!


16th Launch Post!

17th Interview With Stephanie Kate Strohm

18th Interview With Elizabeth C. Bunce

19th Spotlight On MG Books!

20th Interview With Daisy May Johnson

21st Interview With Amy Noelle Parks

22nd Recap Post!

Don't you all think that list of authors is fantastic?! And I can't wait for you to read the posts! Be sure to come back every day this week, so you don't miss any! :)

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Mini Review: Unicorn Famous (Phoebe and Her Unicorn #13)

 Review: Unicorn Famous (Phoebe and Her Unicorn #13) by Dana Simpson

When your best friend is a unicorn, every day is a stroll down the red carpet. Phoebe Howell’s unicorn BFF, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, is happy to provide the celebrity treatment—teaching Phoebe fancy new spells, giving her a ride to school so she doesn’t have to ride the bus, and even negotiating with the tooth fairy on her behalf.

But when Phoebe starts noticing that unicorns have become a trendy fashion statement, she doesn’t feel quite so unique. Fortunately, she’s distracted by adventures including a visit to the unicorn community and a trip to the woods to see her friend Dakota receive an unusual honor at the goblin award ceremony. Unicorn Famous is filled with amusing examples of the extraordinary lengths friends will go to make each other feel special.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Mini Review: This was so fun! Anytime I read a Phoebe and Her Unicorn book, I know it will make me happy, and I'll laugh quite a bit! As always, the art is fun, the jokes make you laugh, and it's just an really enjoyable Graphic Novel. Overall, I highly recommend this series of books!

I received an e-ARC from the publisher.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Review: Sunkissed

 Review: Sunkissed by Kasie West

A lighthearted and swoony contemporary YA romance by fan-favorite author Kasie West about a girl who finds that a summer spent at a family resort isn’t as bad as she imagined…and that falling in love is filled with heartache, laughter, and surprises!

After being betrayed by her best friend, Avery is hoping for a picture-perfect summer. Too bad her parents have dragged her and her sister to a remote family camp for the entire summer. And that’s not even the worst part. Avery also has to deal with no internet, a cute but off-limits staff member, and an always-in-her-face sister.

But what starts as a disaster turns into a whirlwind summer romance as Avery embarks on an unexpected journey to figure out what she truly wants and who she wants to be.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: I love books that take place in summer, so the moment I saw that Kasie West's (One of my all-time favorite authors!) new book was a summer book, I was so excited to read it! And it not only met my high expectations, but exceeded them. Reading about Avery finding her voice, and finding love was such an enjoyable read!

Characters: Avery was a fantastic main character! I loved that her family played such a big role in the book. Brooks was a great love interest, and when I was a teen, he would have definitely been added to my list of book boyfriends. I liked how friendship played a large role in the book, too!

The Cover: I think it's really cute! (Also, I had never read someone call having a sunburn being sunkissed before reading this book, I like that phrase!)

Overall: Because it's a Kasie West book, I knew I would enjoy it, but I didn't expect how much! This is now one of my favorites by her! If you're looking for a fantastic YA read, I highly recommend this book!

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

Review: The Secret Bridesmaid

 Review: The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall

Matrimony meets mayhem in a modern British romcom about a young woman charged with pulling off the biggest aristocratic wedding of the year––and the misadventures that ensue.

Sophie Breeze is a brilliant bridesmaid. So brilliant, in fact, that she’s made it her full-time job.

As a professional bridesmaid, Sophie is hired by London brides to be their right-hand woman, posing as a friend but working behind the scenes to help plan the perfect wedding and ensure their big day goes off without a hitch. When she’s hired by Lady Victoria Swann––a former model and “It Girl" of 1970’s London; now the Marchioness of Meade––for the society wedding of the year, it should be a chance for Sophie to prove just how talented she is.

Of course, it’s not ideal that the bride, Lady Victoria’s daughter, Cordelia, is an absolute diva and determined to make Sophie’s life a nightmare. It’s also a bit inconvenient that Sophie finds herself drawn to Cordelia’s posh older brother, who is absolutely off limits. But when a rival society wedding is announced for the very same day, things start to get…well, complicated.

Can Sophie pull off the biggest challenge of her career––execute a high-profile gala for four hundred and fifty guests in record time, win over a reluctant bride, and catch the eye of handsome Lord Swann––all while keeping her true identity a secret, and her dignity intact?

Heartwarming and hilarious, The Secret Bridesmaid celebrates the joys (and foibles) of weddings, the nuances of female friendship, and the redeeming power of love in its many unexpected forms.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: This was so good! The idea of a secret bridesmaid was so fun and unique. I laughed so much while reading it! It reminded me of Sophie Kinsella's books, which is one of the best compliments I can give. I loved how female friendships played such a big role in the book (more so, I would say, than the romance.), which is something that I always appreciate. And I also liked the romance!

Characters: All of the characters were wonderful! Each one felt fully developed, and they all had such different, entertaining personalities.

The Cover: I like it!

Overall: I loved this book! I stayed up far too late reading it, because I wanted to know how it would all end, and it was worth it! I absolutely adored this book, and I can not recommend it enough. And I truly hope we get a sequel, because I would love to spend more time with all the characters from the book! Overall, I highly recommend reading it!

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Review: Counting Down With You

 Review: Counting Down with You by Tashie Bhuiyan

In this sparkling and romantic YA debut, a reserved Bangladeshi teenager has twenty-eight days to make the biggest decision of her life after agreeing to fake date her school’s resident bad boy.

How do you make one month last a lifetime?

Karina Ahmed has a plan. Keep her head down, get through high school without a fuss, and follow her parents’ rules—even if it means sacrificing her dreams. When her parents go abroad to Bangladesh for four weeks, Karina expects some peace and quiet. Instead, one simple lie unravels everything.

Karina is my girlfriend.

Tutoring the school’s resident bad boy was already crossing a line. Pretending to date him? Out of the question. But Ace Clyde does everything right—he brings her coffee in the mornings, impresses her friends without trying, and even promises to buy her a dozen books (a week) if she goes along with his fake-dating facade. Though Karina agrees, she can’t help but start counting down the days until her parents come back.

T-minus twenty-eight days until everything returns to normal—but what if Karina no longer wants it to?

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: I loved reading about Karina trying to follow her dreams, while also dealing with the expectations of her family. I loved that Karina has anxiety, because as someone who also deals with it, it's always nice to see it featured in a book. And fake dating is my favorite trope, so you know I loved that!

Characters: Karina was such a great main character! And Ace was such a great love interest (When I was a teen he would have definitely made my list of book boyfriends!)! They were an adorable couple! I loved how supportive her friends were. And her grandmother was wonderful!

The Cover: I love it!

Overall: This was one of my most anticipated debuts this year, and it did not disappoint! I loved this book, and am looking forward to what this author writes next! If you're looking for an excellent Contemporary YA, I highly recommend reading this book! :)

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.