Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Instagram! (February Bookstagram Prompts)

A goal I have for this year is that I would like to get better at using Instagram! I like the idea of the app, and I enjoy looking at the posts other people post, but I'm not very good at it myself. I would like to work at that this year! And I've decided that in February I'm going to make prompts for the month for myself, and try to keep at them to encourage myself to use Instagram more. And I know other people have challenges every month on Instagram, but I usually never hear about them until it's already into the month, and I feel too behind to catch up with everyone. Which is why I'm making my own! I''m listing the prompts below, and if you want to join in, feel free to! I'll be posting using #JustAnotherTeenBookishFeb18 (Which I know is a mouthful, but I just couldn't come up with anything else!) Here we go! :)

1st The First Book in a Series
2nd A YA Book
3rd A Library Book
4th A Spy Book
5th A Favorite MG Series
6th Non-Fiction
7th A Blue Book
8th An Anthology
9th A Favorite Childhood Book
10th A Historical
11th Book Set in Another Country
12th An Ebook
13th A Pink Book
14th Book With a Love Story
15th Freebie (Post Whatever Book You Want)
16th A Book With Your Favorite Color On It
17th An Adult Book
18th A Favorite Author
19th Book That's Been on Your TBR Forever
20th A Retelling
21st A Picture Book
22nd A Middle Grade Book
23rd A Sci-Fi Book
24th A Yellow Book
25th TBR Pile
26th A Pretty Cover
27th A Classic
28th A Book Someone Recommended To You

This is just a way to get me to use Instagram more, but if you want to join in, feel free to! I'm looking forward to posting all these, and trying to get better at using Instagram! :)

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