Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Debut Author Interviews!

Hi, everyone! I am so happy today to announce the schedule for the 2020 Debut Author Interviews! This is my 4th year hosting this event on my blog, which makes me happy! I can't wait for you all to read the interviews over the next two weeks. There are twelve interviews, with twelve fantastic authors! Now, here's the schedule! :)

12th Launch Post
13th Interview With Rebecca McLaughlin, author of Nameless Queen
14th Interview With Alechia Dow, author of The Sound of Stars
15th Interview With Claire Swinarski, author of What Happens Next
16th Interview With KT Johnston, author of Railway Jack
17th Interview With Rebecca Mahoney, author of The Valley and the Flood
18th Interview With Jessica Kim, author of Stand Up, Yumi Chung!
19th Interview With Amy Noelle Parks, author of The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost Kiss
20th Interview With Amanda Sellet, author of By the Book: A Novel of Prose and Cons
21th Interview With Emma Lord, author of Tweet Cute
22nd Interview With Lisa Katzenberger, author of National Regular Average Ordinary Day
23rd Interview With Jennifer Gruenke, author of Of Silver and Shadow
24th Interview With Lorien Lawrence, author of The Fright Watch
25th Wrap Up Post

Don't you think that's such a great list of authors?! I can't wait for you to read them all! :)

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