Friday, March 17, 2017

Middle Grade Books Summer 2017!

I posted what YA beach reads I'm looking forward to reading this summer, now today I'm posting what MG books I'm looking forward to reading this summer! :)

All of the books in this post release between March and August. (I'm only including books that haven't released yet, but I won't only be reading new books this summer.) If I got a release date wrong, I apologize.

Here we go!






What Middle Grade books are you looking forward to reading this summer? :)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beach Reads: 2017!

Around this time every year I write a post about what YA books I'm looking forward to reading that summer (And not just at the beach, but everywhere!)! A beach read to me is a contemporary, that also maybe features a romance in it! Here are this years books! :)

Also, these aren't the only books I'm going to read this summer! I also have a Middle Grade book post coming up, and a possible Graphic Novel post, too.

All of the books below release between May and August. If I got a date wrong, I apologize!





What are you looking forward to reading this summer? :)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mini Review: Once Upon a Cruise

Mini Review: Once Upon a Cruise by Anna Staniszewski

Ainsley never wanted to spend her summer on a fairy tale cruise--especially since, instead of lounging by the pool, she's running around the ship doing favor after favor for her cruise director mom.

Things aren't all bad--it's good to see her mom acting confident again after the divorce, and she's learning a lot about obscure German fairy tales and how to fold towels into entertaining shapes for little kids (um, yay?). There's also a guy who's super cute, even in a dorky dwarf costume--if only Ainsley could get Prince Handsome to stop babbling about himself long enough for her to say more than 'hi' to the cute dwarf!

But once the cruise starts, things start to go wrong: the laundry turns pink, the kitchen runs out of food, the guy playing the Pig King is always in Ainsley's hair, and her mom expects her to be in a hundred places all at once. Is this fairy tale cruise under a wicked curse? Or can Ainsley stand up for herself and make the cruise end happily ever after?
-summary and cover via Goodreads

Mini review: This was such a fun Middle Grade book! Getting to read about Ainsley, and everyone on board the cruise ship was fun! I would love to read a sequel about how the rest of the summer goes! Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun read! And it's perfect for summer! :)

I checked this book out from my library.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Archie Vol. 2

Review: Archie Vol. 2 by Mark Waid and Veronica Fish

The all-new ARCHIE adventure continues! Superstar writer Mark Waid teams up with the best and brightest artists in comics to bring a modern take to the legendary Riverdale cast of characters. The book will captures the bite and hilarious edge of Archie's original tales in a modern, forward-looking manner, while still retaining the character's all-ages appeal. If classic Archie is a Saturday morning cartoon, this new series is prime time!
-summary and cover via Goodreads

The plot: This was fun! I liked learning more about all the characters in this one, and after that cliffhanger ending I'm looking forward to Vol. 3!

The characters: I've been reading Archie comics for years (They were what introduced me to comics and graphic novels when I was about ten.), and Betty and Jughead have always been my favorites (And Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but she's not in this new version of the world. At least, not yet.), and I'm happy to say that they are still my favorites in this series, too! And unpopular opinion time, I've never really liked the character of Archie all that much. But in this series I actually have been liking him! And Veronica is entertaining! I would love to read more stories about some of the supporting characters, too!

The art: I like it!

The cover: It's good!

Overall: I've been a fan of Arche Comics for years, and last year when I read the first volume of this new Archie comic, I really liked it! (And I wasn't sure I would, because I was so used to the old style. But I hoped I would like it!) This 2nd volume was even better! I like the drama in it, and there were parts that made me laugh! And after reading the first issue of the new Betty and Veronica that was included in the back of this Graphic Novel, I'm looking forward to reading it, too! Definitely recommend this series, if you're an Archie fan! And even if you aren't, this is a really good series that I think people should try! :)

I checked this book out from my library.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Interview With Stephanie Kate Strohm!

Today on on the blog I'm happy to present an interview with YA author Stephanie Kate Strohm! Ms. Strohm is the author of multiple YA books, which include It's Not Me, It's You and The Taming of the Drew! I have read and loved It's Not Me, It's You (Here's my review!), and I think it is a perfect read for Valentine's Day! :)

Here's the interview!

The bold font is the questions I asked, the regular font are her answers, and the bold italic font is my comments about her answers.

It's Not Me, It's You was written in such a unique style for a YA book, and it worked perfectly for the story! Where did the idea come from to write it that way?
It actually wasn’t my idea! My genius editor at Scholastic, Matt Ringler, came up with the concept to write a YA love story as an oral history. I didn’t even know what an oral history was when I first heard about it, but thanks to some trusty Googling, I learned all about it, and now I couldn’t imagine Avery’s story being told any other way. This was such a fun format to write in – I really enjoyed getting to write in so many different voices, and I especially love Avery’s voice because she always butts in and has to have the last word! 

It was a really fun format to read, too!

Which character from the book do you feel you're most like?

My friends now would probably say I’m most like Avery, but back when I was in high school, I wanted to be someone like Avery but I acted a lot more like Cressida. One thing I did share with Avery was a total obsession with the prom – although my prom was definitely not as romantic as hers ended up being! My senior prom was in an aquarium, though, which was REALLY awesome. And that sort of inspired me to take Avery’s prom in the direction it ended up going in – even if there aren’t any fish at the prom in It’s Not Me, It’s You!

Random question! What's your favorite chick flick?
This is a hard one! But if I had to pick just one favorite…Legally Blonde. I love Elle and her journey and the way she comes to take pride in and embrace her intelligence even after everyone underestimated her. I’m also a huge fan of Clueless, as you can probably tell from the book. Cher was a major inspiration for Avery in It’s Not Me, It’s You.

If you can talk about it, what are you working on now?
Well, the sequel to It’s Not Me, It’s You comes out in September! It’s called The Date to Save and it tells the story of the most insane Homecoming weekend in the history of high school. It also takes place at San Anselmo Prep, so you’ll see some familiar faces and get to meet lots of fun new characters! I’m working on something else brand new right now that I can’t really talk about yet, but I’m very excited about it.

Yay! I'm so looking forward to The Date to Save!

What are some YA books you've enjoyed recently?
I loved A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallero, so I’m really looking forward to reading The Last of August – it’ll be out Valentine’s Day! The New Guy (and other senior year distractions) by Amy Spalding and My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill have also been recent faves. Oh! I was also lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari – definitely a debut to look out for!!!

The Best Kind of Magic sounds good! *adds to TBR list*

Thank you so much to Ms. Strohm for letting me interview you! :)

Author bio: Stephanie Kate Strohm is the author of Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink, Confederates Don’t Wear Couture, The Taming of the Drew and It's Not Me, It's You. She graduated from Middlebury College with a dual degree in theater and history and has acted her way around the United States, performing in more than twenty-five states. Although she was born in New York, she currently lives in Chicago, and doesn't discriminate against any type of pizza. When she's not writing, she loves baking, walking her dog Lorelei, taking dance cardio classes too seriously, and playing board games with her husband.

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