Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Books I Want to Read in 2019!

Every new year at the beginning of January, I post a list of books I'm looking forward to in the new year. Here is the list for 2019! It's pretty much like the one I posted in November, but I've updated titles, and added covers to a bunch of the books. And a few more books were added to the list! These aren't the only books I'm going to read this year! And I probably forgot to add a book. But I always have fun posting these, and I hope that you'll maybe find a new book to look forward to from this post! Happy New Year 2019! Here we go! :)

I apologize if I got a title, date, or cover wrong. Just tell me, and I'll try to fix it. 

Middle Grade:



Are you looking forward to any of these books? :)