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Here is list of all the authors I've interviewed on my blog! Go to the bottom of this page to find a list of guest posts on the blog! :)


Links go to the interview. Listed in order of the authors last name.

Ronni Arno
Patricia Bailey
Kamilla Benko
Elly Blake
Jennie K. Brown
Stephanie Burgis
Kathleen Burkinshaw
Jen Calonita
Nancy J. Cavanaugh
Gloria Chao
MarcyKate Connolly
Abby Cooper
Kelly deVos
Alexa Donne
Beth Fantaskey
Heather Fawcett
Laurel Gale
Alyson Gerber
Allison Gutknecht
Merrie Haskell
Joanna Hathaway
K.C. Held
Carter Higgins
Bridget Hodder
Janet Sumner Johnson
Jess Keating Interview One, Two
Mary E. Lambert
S.A. Larsen
Caroline Leech
Joanne Levy
Wendy McLeod MacKnight
Heather Maclean
Lauren Magaziner Interview One, Two
Diane Magras
Mike Maihack
Jen Malone Interview One, Two, and Three
Erin Moulton
Gail Nall Interview One, Two
Kristen Orlando
Jessica Pennington
Mae Respicio
Rebecca Ross
Susan Maupin Schmid
Lauren Spieller
Stephanie Kate Strohm
Ellie Terry
Kes Trester
Katy Upperman
Kate Watson

Guest Posts:

Links go to guest posts. Listed in order of authors last name.

Books That Inspired Her by Patricia Bailey
Understanding Middle Grade by Stephanie Faris
Books That Her Main Character, Derby, Would Read by Carter Higgins
Middle Grade Books That Influenced Her by Janet Sumner Johnson
Top Ten Books That Made Me Laugh Out Loud by Janet Sumner Johnson
Five Books For Animal Lovers Out There by Jess Keating
How Books Make Us More Compassionate by Mary E. Lambert
Why Poetry? by Irene Latham
How a Good Middle Grade Novel Carries You Through Your Whole Life by Wenday MacLeod MacKnight
Why She Writes Middle Grade by Gail Nall
Five Funny Middle Grade Books Everyone Should Read by Anna Staniszewski

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