Thursday, May 11, 2017

Yay For Middle Grade Books! Interview With Gail Nall

Today I'm happy to present an interview with Gail Nall! Ms. Nall is the author of multiple MG books, including Breaking the Ice and Out of Tune, and the YA book Exit Stage Left.

Here we go!

The bold writing is the questions I asked, the regular writing is her responses, and the bold italic writing are my comments about her answers.

1. Would you please describe your book, Out of Tune, in seven words?
Music, bison, and one epic bike ride

2. Best. Night. Ever. (Written with six other authors!) releases in August! This book looks like so much fun! Would you like to tell everyone a little about it?
Best.Night.Ever was SO much fun to write! It follows seven different characters through one night at a middle school dance. We've got a little bit of everything -- archrivals who show up with the same date, a girl riding a lawnmower to get to the dance, the fill-in lead singer for the band has a terrible case of stage fright, and there's even a sneaky character planning to sabotage the whole thing.

This sounds so fun! :)

3. Random question! If you could travel anywhere in the US in an RV, where would you most want to visit?
Everywhere! hahaha. Okay, I'll just pick one place. Right now, tops on my list would be Glacier National Park in Montana. It looks like the most gorgeous place on earth -- snow-capped mountains, blue lakes, wildflower-covered fields. Sighhhhhh. Although I'd have to hire someone to empty the "black water" (aka the sewage) from the RV because ewwwwww.

That National Park sounds beautiful! :)

4. If you're able to talk about it, what are you working on now?

A little bit of everything! I'm working on the first draft of a new YA novel and putting together several ideas for future middle grade books.

5. What are some of your recent favorite Middle Grade books?
I'm really looking forward to Abby Cooper's new book, BUBBLES, which will be out in July. It's about a girl who can see people's thoughts. I read an early version, and it is soooo good! And if you haven't read Jen Malone's latest, THE SLEEPOVER, do it! But only if you love to laugh, because it's hilarious. I also loved Ronni Arno's newest, DEAR POPPY, and Tricia Springstubb's EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

The Sleepover was very fun! And I need to read the others you mentioned! :)

Thank you so much to Ms. Nall for participating in this event! :)

Author bio: Gail Nall lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her family and more cats than necessary. She once drove a Zamboni, has camped in the snow in June, and almost got trampled in Paris. Gail is the author of the Aladdin/S&S middle grade novels OUT OF TUNE, BREAKING THE ICE, the YOU'RE INVITED series (co-authored with Jen Malone), and the upcoming BEST.NIGHT.EVER. (co-authored, 8/15/17). She is also the author of the young adult novel, EXIT STAGE LEFT (Epic Reads Impulse/HarperCollins). You can find her online at and on Twitter as @gailecn.

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