Monday, March 30, 2015

Ten Books I Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

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I thought instead of listing the last ten books I added to my TBR list, it would be more fun to list ten of the newest books that I haven't talked about a lot on the blog before now! Most of these haven't been released yet, excluding two! :)

Ten Books I Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

(These next two don't have covers yet, but I'm looking forward to them a lot, too!)

What books have you recently added to your TBR list?

Review: How to Outswim a Shark Without a Snorkel

Ana Wright's summer just got terrifying. She's finally getting used to living in a zoo (no, seriously—she lives with her family in an actual zoo), when she's assigned to work in the new shark tank. With her worst enemy. Forget about sharks! Ashley is the ultimate predator. And after Ana's favorite croc peed on Ashley's shoes, she's probably out for revenge.

This can't be good.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: I love the marine life part of this book! Marine Biology is something that really interests me. I loved getting to read about zoo animals in the first book (And look forward to reading more about them in the third book.), but it was a lot of fun to see Ana interact and learn about marine animals in this book! And everything that Ana goes through, from dealing with her fear of giving presentations at the zoo, to shopping for swimsuits, to dealing with not so nice people, it's just all very easy to relate to! :)

Characters: Ana was just as awesome and relatable in this book as the first! And I liked getting to know more about Ashley in this book! :)

The cover: Fun! :)

Overall: This 2nd book was even better than the 1st book! If you're looking for a fun, relatable, entertaining Middle Grade book, this series is one you need to try! (And hey, you get to learn fun animal facts while you read, which is awesome!) Looking forward to the next book! (Which I think has my favorite title so far!) :)

I received this book from the author.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Beach Reads: 2015

Last year I did a beach reads post in March, and I thought it would be fun to do it again this year! When I think beach reads, I think fun YA contemporaries with a little romance thrown in them! Here are ones that I'm looking forward to reading on the beach, (And everywhere else, too!) this summer!

(All of the books below release from April through July! Listed in order of when they release, hopefully I got all the dates right!)

(I'm also planning a Middle Grade post, talking about books I'm looking forward to reading May through August!)



(No cover released.)



What books are you looking forward to reading at the beach (Pool/Mall/Wherever) this summer? :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: Revenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold

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This Wednesday I'm Waiting on: Revenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold by Katie Finn

The war rages on between Gemma and Hallie in the second installment of the Broken Hearts and Revenge series.

After the humiliating events on the 4th of July, Gemma's trying to handle the fact that Hallie knew who she was all along, and she was the one who stole Teddy from her. Gemma vows revenge, but things get more complicated than she planned. Ford, Gemma’s long-time crush, has arrived in the Hamptons cuter than ever. Josh is refusing to speak to her after she lied to him, and Teddy is playing champion to his beloved Marsh Warbler (in Gemma's backyard, no less).

Gemma and Hallie find themselves locked in an escalating revenge cycle. Just when Gemma thinks she has the upper hand, the biggest bombshell of all is dropped. And it’s one that threatens to change her life forever. This exciting sequel to Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things To Mend will leave you begging for the third installment.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

I loved the first book and after that ending? I NEED this book! :)

This book releases May 5th

Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 10 Books From When I Was Younger That I Would Love To Revisit

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Top 10 Books From When I Was Younger That I Would Love To Revisit

I love the topic this week! Looking back at favorite books when I was younger was fun, and thinking about which ones I would like to reread was fun, too! :)

(Almost all of the books I'm listing below are series books, apparently that's mostly what I read then!)

(And the image for each series book isn't always the first book. I posted the covers of either my favorite in the series, or the one that I read first.)

This was one of my top series when I was younger, Maddie was awesome! I have been thinking about rereading them for awhile now! :)

The book above was the first ND book I ever read (Excluding a few of the young Nancy books.), and I'm glad I gave these books a try! Nancy Drew had a major impact on my love of books! (And because of them, I found the PC games, which I love!) I think I need to reread at least a few of the older books! :)

The BSC, love! Kristy was my favorite, but Claudia was one I was a fan of, too! I want to try and reread this whole series eventually! :)

Another series that had a major impact on me! I love Sam, Jake, and all the horses that were in these books! :)

Who hasn't read this book and not loved it? (I have been wanting to read more fairytale retellings, and I think I need to reread this book!) :)

I liked these books a lot! :)

Love! :)

These books just scream summer to me! I want to try and reread these this summer, it's been awhile. :)

Been wanting to reread this book for awhile now! :)

It would be fun to reread these books! :)

What books from when you were younger would you love to revisit? Do you like any of these books? :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday: Becoming Jinn

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This Wednesday I'm Waiting on: Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein 

Forget everything you thought you knew about genies!

Azra has just turned sixteen, and overnight her body lengthens, her olive skin deepens, and her eyes glisten gold thanks to the brand-new silver bangle that locks around her wrist. As she always knew it would, her Jinn ancestry brings not just magical powers but the reality of a life of servitude, as her wish granting is controlled by a remote ruling class of Jinn known as the Afrit. 

To the humans she lives among, she’s just the girl working at the snack bar at the beach, navigating the fryer and her first crush. But behind closed doors, she’s learning how to harness her powers and fulfill the obligations of her destiny. 

Mentored by her mother and her Zar “sisters”, Azra discovers she may not be quite like the rest of her circle of female Jinn . . . and that her powers could endanger them all. As Azra uncovers the darker world of becoming Jinn, she realizes when genies and wishes are involved, there’s always a trick.

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Love the idea of this book! :)

This book releases April 21st

Monday, March 16, 2015

Top Ten Books On My Spring TBR

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This TTT I went a little (Maybe more than a little.) over ten this week. But there are just a lot of good looking books releasing this spring, you guys! Favorite authors are releasing new books, and there are plenty of amazing looking debut books, too! :)

Top Ten Twenty-Three Books On My Spring TBR

(No cover released.)

All of these books look AMAZING! What books are on your spring TBR? :)