Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hi, Everyone!

Hi, everyone! I know I haven't been posting much (Even though I said I would!), but I just wanted to catch everyone up again on things. The last time I posted I talked a little bit about why I hadn't been posting, the medical stuff that was going on for me, and also a family member. I'm really happy to say that things are going better now, we got some news that everything was going to be fine with my family member! That was something I was praying so much for, and feel so relieved that God let everything be okay. I'm still having some medical issues, but things are a little better than they were before, which I'm happy about!

I haven't been online almost at all this week, because of Hurricane Irma. I'm from Florida, and we ended up losing power for about two days. The storm wasn't as bad where we're from, which was such a relief for us. I feel so blessed that God kept us safe from the worst of the storm. So much of Florida got it horribly, especially the Keys. I'm very thankful that Irma is now gone.

Now that we got all that serious stuff out of the way, I thought it would be fun to talk about some books I've been reading!

Junior Lifeguards: Oscar Season and Shark Bait by Elizabeth Cody Stanton, Tracey West, and Katherine Noll. This is such a fun Middle Grade series!

I also read A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin, which was a neat Adult Christian Historical book set during WWII

And Lucky in Love by Kasie West! I really liked this book, (My favorite by her is still The Distance Between Us, but this is a very near 2nd!) and Seth is now my favorite of the love interests in her books!

I have also been reading a lot of Picture Books! A few of the recent stand-outs are Star Wars: Obi-123 by Calliope Glass & Caitlin Kennedy, illustrated by Katie CookThe Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors by Drew Daywalt, illustrated by Adam West, and Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka, illustrated by Chad Cameron.

And I also read Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me by Lily Collins, which was a good essay collection by the actress, that I enjoyed reading.

Well, that's what I've been up to! How are all of you? :)