Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Non-Fiction Review: 999 Super Silly, Awesomely Hilarious, Funny Bone-Tickling Jokes for Kids

Non-Fiction Review: 999 Super Silly, Awesomely Hilarious, Funny Bone-Tickling Jokes for Kids

999 Hilarious Jokes—Hand-Picked by Kids for Kids

Who's there?
Lena who?
Lena little closer. I don't hear too well.

What did the dairy farmer do at the candy factory?
Milk chocolates.

Kids love to laugh—and here’s a fantastic collection of more than 999 jokes and funny stories especially for 6- 12-year-olds!

Compiled and edited by kids for kids, you can be sure these are jokes that young readers will find a ton of laughs to enjoy and share—with anyone who will listen! 999 Super Silly, Awesomely Hilarious, Funny Bone-Tickling Jokes for Kids promises hours of good, wholesome entertainment for the whole family!
-summary and cover via Goodreads

Review: I really enjoyed reading this book! I've always loved telling jokes, and after reading this book, I have a lot more of them to tell! And it's absolutely perfect for elementary and middle school age kids. I highly recommend this book for the people in your life who love joke books, this would be an awesome gift! :)

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Review: More Than Meets the Eye

Review: More Than Meets the Eye by Karen Witemyer

Many consider Evangeline Hamilton cursed. Orphaned at a young age and possessing a pair of mismatched eyes--one bright blue, the other dark brown--Eva has fought to find her way in a world that constantly rejects her. Yet the support of even one person can help overcome the world's judgments, and Eva has two--Seth and Zach, two former orphans she now counts as brothers.

Seeking justice against the man who stole his birthright and destroyed his family, Logan Fowler arrives in 1880s Pecan Gap, Texas, to confront Zach Hamilton, the hardened criminal responsible for his father's death. Only instead of finding a solitary ruthless gambler, he discovers a man not much older than himself with an unusual family. When Zach's sister, Evangeline, insists on dousing Logan with sunshine every time their paths cross, Logan finds his quest completely derailed. Who is truly responsible for his lost legacy, and will restoring the past satisfy if it means forfeiting a future with Evangeline?
-summary and cover via Goodreads
Plot: I really enjoyed it! From the very first chapter I was immediately drawn into the book, and wanted to find out what would happen!

Characters: Evangeline was a great main character! I really liked the fact that while she was adventurous, she wasn't stupid. She thought things out before she did them, but wasn't afraid to act to help her family. I loved her brothers! The family that they had made together was really nice. I especially liked Zach, and I hope the author is writing a book about him. Logan was great!

The cover: I like the fact that the cover mentions how her eyes look, because they play a big part in the book.

Overall: I loved this book! This was an excellent new book by Karen Witemeyer, and is now one of my favorite Adult Christian books. And I really hope the author is writing a book about Zack! A really good book, I highly recommend it! :)

I received a e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Review: The Frame-Up

Title: The Frame-Up by Wendy McLeod MacKnight

When Sargent Singer discovers that the paintings in his father’s gallery are alive, he is pulled into a captivating world behind the frame that he never knew existed.

Filled with shady characters, devious plots, and a grand art heist, this inventive mystery-adventure celebrates art and artists and is perfect for fans of Night at the Museum and Blue Balliett’s Chasing Vermeer.

There’s one important rule at the Beaverbrook Gallery—don’t let anyone know the paintings are alive. Mona Dunn, forever frozen at thirteen when her portrait was painted by William Orpen, has just broken that rule. Luckily twelve-year-old Sargent Singer, an aspiring artist himself, is more interested in learning about the vast and intriguing world behind the frame than he is in sharing her secret.

And when Mona and Sargent suspect shady dealings are happening behind the scenes at the gallery, they set out to find the culprit. They must find a way to save the gallery—and each other—before they are lost forever.

With an imaginative setting, lots of intrigue, and a thoroughly engaging cast of characters, The Frame-Up will captivate readers of Jacqueline West’s The Books of Elsewhere.

Includes a 16-page full-color insert showcasing the real paintings featured in the book.
-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: It was really creative! And I really wanted to know what would happen next, it kept me turning the pages to find out how the book would end!

Characters: I really liked all the characters! Mona and Sargent were really great main characters! I liked a lot of the supporting characters, too.

The cover: It fits the book well! And this doesn't relate to the cover, but I love the fact that the publisher is including an insert featuring what the paintings mentioned in the book look like!

Overall: This was a really enjoyable Middle Grade book! And without spoiling anything, I loved the ending of the book! A great MG read, that is absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking to read a creative, fun, and all-around good book! And it's perfect for summer! Definitely recommend it :)

I received an ARC of this book from the author and publisher.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Review: The Shadow Thieves

Review: The Shadow Thieves by Alexandra Otto

If you haven't read Rules for Thieves, don't read this summary or review! There are spoilers here! 

Alli must risk everything to save her new family from a rogue organization that is threatening the Thieves Guild’s existence—and the lives of all its members—in this high-stakes sequel to Rules for Thieves.

Alli Rosco, former orphan and thief, is free after her disastrous Thieves Guild trial, which left an innocent woman dead while Alli’s partner-in-crime, Beck, fled.

Now Alli is getting more than just a fresh start: her long-lost brother, Ronan, has come forward to claim responsibility for her and let her live with him on a trial basis. They try to mend the rift that started when Alli was dropped off at the orphanage while Ronan became a lawyer in Ruhia. But as determined as she is to make things work, Alli can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

To make matters worse, Alli finds a surprise guest on her doorstep one night: Beck.

He’s on the run and brings news of the Shadow Guild, a rogue organization that is trying to overthrow the current king of the Thieves Guild. Their friends are in real danger. And Beck needs Alli’s help one more time to bring the Shadows down.

Once again, Alli is forced to make a hard choice: save her friends, or lose her last chance to have a true family.
-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: It was really good! I liked reading about Alli trying to make a new life for herself, while also getting drawn back into the Guild, and the thieves world.

Characters: The characters are all fantastic! Alli and Beck are really fun to read about, and I enjoyed their friendship! And I liked the new characters in this book, Ronan and Mari, too!

The cover: I like it!

Overall: I really enjoyed getting to read another book about these characters, and this world! I really liked the ending! And while I believe this is the last book about these characters, I would happily read another book about them, or another book set in this world. Very highly recommend this book if you enjoyed the first one! And if you haven't read Rules for Thieves, I highly recommend you do, and then read this excellent book! :)

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.