Monday, September 19, 2016

Top Ten Favorite Songs I've Been Listening to Recently

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This weeks topic was all about audio! And since I don't really listen to audiobooks (I 'm too easily distracted, and end up having to relisten to parts because I wasn't listening the first time.), I figured it would be fun to share what songs I've been listening to a lot recently! I buy  A LOT of music, and while I love talking about it with people, I realized that I don't mention music much on the blog. Which makes it even more fun to make this list this week! Now some of these songs are new, and some of them are older (And just because it's on this list, doesn't mean it hasn't been one I've been listening to before. Just that I've been listening to it a lot recently.).

Top Ten Favorite Songs I've Been Listening to Recently

(I was going to include a Spotify playlist of these songs in this post, but I was having trouble with it and just gave up. If you want to hear any of these songs, Spotify does have all of them, so you can listen there.) :)

I Believe in You by Michael Buble
This song is so positive and upbeat! It makes me happy listening to it.

Craving by James Bay
I love James Bay's music, but this is probably the song of his I've been listening to the most recently.

Peter Pan by Kelsea Ballerini
I don't listen to much country music anymore, but this is one country artist that I still listen to. Her music reminds me a little of Taylor Swift's first album, and it's so good. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite song by her (That would probably be Dibs.), but I like it a lot!

Guilty by Newsboys
Next to Tobymac, the Newsboys are probably my favorite Christian artist! I really like this song!

My Time by the Elena of Avalor cast
This is a very fun TV show, and I really like this song from it!

Dangerously by Charlie Puth
My favorite Charlie Puth song is still One Call Away, but this is definitely up there in the top three favorites by him!

Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld
I'm really looking forward to her full album, but this song from her EP is really good! (And if you haven't listened to Rock Bottom yet, you really need to!)

On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter
I like the sound of this song a lot!

All About Us by Jordan Fisher
This is a fun, upbeat song!

Brand New by Ben Rector
Just hearing this song makes me want to smile! :)

Do you like any of these songs? :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Top Ten ALL TIME Favorites of the MG Fantasy Genre

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog

When I saw the topic this week, I thought it would be nearly impossible to narrow down my favorites to just ten. And while it was hard (I left out some favorites.), I somehow managed it. Here we go, my ten favorite MG Fantasy books of all-time! :)

(And if I mention the first book of a series, it's safe to assume I probably love the sequels to it, too!)

Top Ten ALL TIME Favorites of the MG Fantasy Genre

Have you read any of these? :)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows of All-Time

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog

I was happy when I saw that it was a TV themed TTT this week! I love talking about my favorite TV shows! I was trying to decide what particular TV themed topic to do, then I figured I would just go ahead and try to list my favorite TV shows of all-time! This was hard, and I know I'm probably forgetting a favorite here. But I'm happy with how this list turned out! :)

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows of All-Time

Agent Carter
This show was awesome! I'm still upset that it got cancelled.

Love all of the characters in this show! Really looking forward to the new season!

The Amazing Race 
My Mom and I love watching this together!

Dancing With the Stars
This is just fun!

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated
My favorite of all of the Scooby Doo TV series! It was ridiculous, weird, and it makes me laugh!

Star Wars Rebels
I love this show! Hera's my favorite character.

Phineas and Ferb
I still don't get tired of watching reruns of this!

This always makes me laugh!

This is fun to watch!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
I love the characters, the animation, and the music!

Bonus Picks: Scorpion, Elena of Avalor, The Wild Thornberrys, As Told By Ginger, Survivor, Kim Possible,  Hollywood Game Night, Food Network Star, Guy's Grocery Games, and Lizzie McGuire

What are your favorite TV shows? Do you like any of these? :)