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Review: Zero Tolerance

Review: Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills

Seventh-grader Sierra Shepard has always been the perfect student, so when she sees that she accidentally brought her mother's lunch bag to school, including a paring knife, she immediately turns in the knife at the school office. Much to her surprise, her beloved principal places her in in-school suspension and sets a hearing for her expulsion, citing the school's ironclad no weapons policy. While there, Sierra spends time with Luke, a boy who's known as a troublemaker, and discovers that he's not the person she assumed he would be--and that the lines between good and bad aren't as clear as she once thought. Claudia Mills brings another compelling school story to life with Zero Tolerance.
-Summary and cover via goodreads

Plot: I thought this was a interesting book. I have to admit, I wondered if what happened in this book (A perfect student accidentally bringing a knife to school, turning it in immediately and then facing expulsion because of that.) could actually happen in real life? I went to the authors website and found out she based the story on a similar case that happened not far away from where she lives. I thought it was a very interesting book, and I read it in an afternoon because I wanted to find out how it would end!

Characters: I really liked the characters in this book! I liked Sierra and thought she was very easy to relate too.  I liked Luke also! I loved that her parents played a big part of the book and were actually important to the story instead of just being in the background and rarely mentioned, like a lot of MG books.

The cover: I really like the cover of this book! I love illustrated covers and this is one that really catches your attention with the colors of it!

Overall: I really enjoyed this book! It was thought provoking and interesting! I really recommend this book!

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