Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: At Your Service

Review: At Your Service by Jen Malone

Thirteen-year-old Chloe Turner wants nothing more than to follow in Dad’s footsteps as a respected concierge in a posh NYC hotel. After all, living at a hotel is heaven, and perks like free concert tickets and all-access passes to boutiques, restaurants, and attractions aren’t too shabby either.

When the spoiled brat child of an important guest is only placated by some quick thinking on Chloe’s part, Chloe is awarded the role of Junior Concierge. But she might be in over her head when tasked with tending to the every whim of three royal guests: a twelve-year-old princess who can’t stand Chloe, a cute fourteen year-old prince(!), and their ten-year-old sister, who has a nasty knack for getting herself lost. After the youngest princess slips Chloe’s care, Chloe and the remaining royals must embark on an event-filled hunt for her through NYC’s best tourist spots. 

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: Love! The plot was fun! I loved getting to see New York through the eyes of Chloe! The fun facts she mentioned during the book were fun and entertaining (Espcially the ones about the Rockettes!)! The hotel was neat! The easiest word to describe this book really is fun!

Characters: I think Chloe was a good main character, and it was fun to read about her goal to be a world-class concierge, just like her Dad! Her friend, Paisley was entertaining. The Prince and Princesses were fun!

The cover: Love how bright it is! :)

Overall: Highly recommend this book! And I would love to read a sequel to it! If you love reading about New York, love Middle Grade books, or just want an entertaining book, I definitely think you need to try it!

I bought this book.


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  2. I loved this one too and yes - would also love a sequel


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