Saturday, July 27, 2013

ReReadathon 2013 Final Recap

ReReadathon is hosted by Bookshelvers Anonymous

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I did not do all that great for this challenge.All I managed to re-read was graphic novels and manga, and I only managed to re-read 5 of those. Overall I did not read as much this month as I normally do. I guess because my family and I are moving and I did not have as much time as I usually do to read. Packing takes up so much time. *sigh* But I did at least manage to re-read those graphic novels and manga. Below are my thoughts on what I re-read:

Amelia Rules!: Her Permanent Record by Jimmy Gownley
I actually started a re-read a few months ago for this series and have been re-reading this series over time. I finished the last volume in this again this month and I absolutely loved it. Like I always do! This series makes me happy when I read it. If you have not read this series yet you should! I just wish there was more in the series.

Ugly Ducklings Love Revolution Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4, by Yuuki Fujinari
This series was not on my original list, but I saw it on my shelf and decided to try and re-read it. I still liked it, though I still wish they would not have made such an difference between how she drew Hitomi and everyone else.

I may still be able to re-read something else this weekend because we will be completely moved in to our new home and we will also not have Internet for a few days. All distractions removed. : ) I will update this post if I manage to re-read anything else.


  1. Here's the big question: Did you reread more books than you would have without the ReReadathon? If so, then it was a success!

    1. Yeah, I guess I did re-read more books! Thanks for hosting this. It was fun! It was also my first blog challenge I've done.


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