Monday, July 15, 2013

Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

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This list was even harder this week to make, because there are so many authors that I wish would get more recognition than they do. Now I know for some of these a lot of people do read these authors books ( at least I see that people online are reading them. ) but I'm also basing this on when I talk to someone in person and they have no idea who this author is or if they do, they've never read their books. Here's my list this week!

All links go to the author's page on goodreads. ( so you can add their books to your to-read pile : ) )

Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

1. Deva Fagan
My favorite book by her is Circus Galacticus. She is a very fun MG author and I really like her books.

2. Jimmy Gownley
I love Jimmy Gownley's graphic novels so much. They make me laugh and they also have some serious moments too. They're also pretty much the only graphic novels I've gotten my mom to read, and that means even if you don't normally read them they're a great graphic novel to try.

3 Ally Carter
Okay, I think I manage to get her books on every TTT post I do. I know a lot of you have read her books but everyone I meet in real life have never read them! If you have not read Ally Carter's books you need to go and get them. Now. I'll wait.

4. Mark Crilley
I read his Akiko series when I was younger and loved them. Now I love his Miki Falls series and re-read them every once in awhile.

5. Stephanie Burgis
I love the Kat books! I still need to read the last one and will probably read it soon. She writes really fun MG books.

6. Jeanne Birdsall
Her books make me smile and I just feel happy reading them. The Penderwicks are a lot of fun!

7. Janette Rallison
Another author whose books make me laugh!

8. Miku Sakamoto
 I wish the rest of the Stolen Hearts manga series would release in English. I loved the first two! If you can find Vol. 1 & 2 definitely read them.

9. Helen Dunmore
Ingo is still a favorite MG series of mine. Though I need to track down a copy of the final book and read it.

10. Laura Dower
Madison Finn was my favorite MG series when I was younger and I still like it a lot. She writes very good MG books.

What's your Top Ten?


  1. I've heard of Ally Carter but haven't read any of her books yet!

    1. You so need to! She is an absolutely amazing writer. I love her books so much!

  2. I don't recognize any of these authors by name! Well, except for Ally Carter, but I haven't ready any of her books, either.

    1. Well, maybe I succeeded in getting at least one of these
      authors a new fan! ; )

  3. I love the Penderwicks! I've only read the first one, but I definitely want to read the second and third. Actually it's the perfect time to read them. The feel like very summery reads to me. Great choices.

    1. The Penderwicks are awesome! Definitely read the next two, in my opinion they just get better with each book. The third is actually my favorite!

  4. I'm going to have to look some of these up!

    My TTT!

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  5. Great list - fantastic to see Stephanie Burgis, one of my all time favourites, on there! Ally Carter's great as well, and I'd like to check out the others who I haven't read.

    I did two this week - check them out at YA/MG contemporary authors and comics creators if you'd like to take a look.

    1. Stephanie Burgis is such a great writer. Her books make me laugh! I still need to read the last book in the Kat series.

  6. I have one Ally Carter book but I still need to read it.
    Here was my Top Ten.

    1. I hope you like it when you read it!


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