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Game Review: Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness

I thought I would post something a little different on the blog today! I think everyone reading this blog knows I'm a fan of books, and love talking about them! But another thing I love are the Nancy Drew computer games, which are AMAZING! They have the best characters, writing, and the graphics are awesome! (Honestly, don't get me started talking about ND unless you have a lot of time on your hands.) And I thought it might be fun to post a review of the newest game on the blog today! If you're not interested in video games, or Nancy Drew, I totally understand you skipping this post. But if you love them as much as I do, or you're just wondering about them, I thought this would be fun! :)

Game Review: Nancy Drew #32: Sea of Darkness (Bonus Edition)

(standard edition cover art.)

Rating: E10+
Maker: Herinteractive
Website Link: Nancy Drew #32: Sea of Darkness

Plot: Good! Without spoiling the game, I thought the plot was fun, and had good twists in it!

Characters: Interesting! While these characters are not going to be in my Top Five of All-Time (A post I would be happy to write if anyone would like to read it.) (Though I may write it anyway, just for fun!), I think they were all interesting and different! My top two in this game would be a tie between Elissabet and Dagny. But Alex Trang (Who you only get to talk to on the phone.), was a favorite, too! (Would love to see her return in another game!) And I liked Ned more in this game than I have previous games!

Locations: Iceland was different from previous game places, and I thought it was fun! (Though honestly, with how dark it was? I would NEVER be able to live there full-time.) I loved exploring the ship, it was beautiful! (A personal favorite was getting to climb up to the top!) And everywhere else in the game was well done!

Graphics: Excellent! Every game just gets better in graphics! And I love getting to see the Northern Lights in the game!

Writing: I like the writing in this game a lot! The humor was very fun, and found myself laughing a lot, which was something I didn't expect with this particular game. Because I thought the tone overall would be more serious (Which I'm pleased to say that there is humor to lighten the more serious moments!). And I didn't think there would be many jokes in it, which I'm pleased to write I was wrong about! (And as always, I love the little references to previous games!) The writing was very strong in this game!

Puzzles: Good! Fun! Not too easy, but not too hard either! (I have to admit that I was very bad at the animal puzzle game, though!)

Music: Good! And the song with lyrics, The Word I Couldn't Keep was very pretty, even though it was sad.

Ending: Not my favorite ending overall, but still good!

Will I Replay It?: Um, it's a Nancy Drew game. I'm obviously going to replay it!

Game cover: Very neat and pretty!

Overall: A very good ND game! Definitely in my top ten, and after replaying it, it might go into my top five! Excellent writing, amazing graphics, wonderful characters, fabulous music, and overall good plot make this a must have game for a Nancy Drew fan! And if you have never played ND before, or it's been awhile? This is a wonderful game to begin with! :)

This next part might be a spoiler to you, if you don't want to know what the next game is about/what the title is before you play!

Next Game: Looking forward to having Deidre back again! And while the next game kinda looks terrifying, I also think it looks really good! (And if the voice at the end of the trailer is Nancy's new voice, I like it!) :)

Are you interested in more game reviews? Do you like Nancy Drew games, too? :)

Review of game I bought.


  1. I am so nervous about the voice change for this game! Lani Minella has become such a staple for the ND games and I read somewhere that she was kind of pushed out so that HER could try a new "look". (Or so I hear...)
    I am so excited for the next game and can't wait to see Deirdre again! And OMG if Alex came back in a future game I would be psyched! I feel like she is a character I could love!
    The other day I replayed Ransom of The Seven Ships (I'm pretty sure you've played that one...) and I would love it is HER made another game involving the bad person from that one! Even after all these years I still feel unresolved about how that one played out!
    Great review Jess! If I hadn't already played the game I would be scrambling to get it now! :-)

    1. I'm nervous, too! But I'm going to just hope that it's going to be good! And yes, Deirdre! I know! Alex was fun, and if we got to have more of her in a game, I think she might become a favorite! :)

      I just began a replay of that game this weekend! It's funny that you just replayed it, too! :) And yes! I hope they'll bring that up in another game eventually!

      Aww, thank you!!!!!!! Yay! :)


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