Thursday, August 20, 2015

Upcoming Books With Covers I Love

I was going through my TBR list and looking at all the pretty, fun, and amazing covers of books that are releasing anywhere from August to 2016, and thought it would be fun to do post showing all of you what a few of my favorites are! :)

All of the covers in this series are amazing! And even though Exile (with Everblaze being a near 2nd) is still my favorite, this one is pretty epic, too!

The If Only book covers are darling, and I think this one is my new favorite cover from the group!

Another If Only book! And look how darling it is, too!

I love the key, and the font!

This is very pretty!

I like the colors used with this!

That little fox!  The colors on it! Both the previous books in this series are fun, but this is my new favorite of them!

I like how different it is, and all the colors are very pretty!

What upcoming books have covers you love? Do you like any of these? :)

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