Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: Dead Air (The Kat Sinclair Files #1)

Review: Dead Air (The Kat Sinclair Files #1) by Michelle Schusterman

Kat didn’t believe in ghosts—until now. . .

When Kat Sinclair’s dad tells her his new job hosting the ghost-hunting TV show Passport to Paranormal means they’ll be living on the road and visiting the world’s most haunted places, Kat packs her bags without a second thought. But the ghostbusting life isn’t as cool as Kat expected. The cast and crew don’t always get along, the producer’s annoying nephew has unexpectedly shown up, and Kat thinks the show—and her dad—might be cursed. Kat decides to start writing a blog with “a behind the scenes look at the creepiest show on TV.” But she soon discovers that going behind the scenes may just reveal more than she really wants to know.

-summary from Goodreads

Plot: Very good! The mystery keeps you guessing!

Characters: Kat was a lot of fun! And Hailey, Oscar, Jamie, and all of the crew of the show are characters I enjoyed getting to know, and I look forward to reading more about all of them in more books!

The cover: Fun! :)

Overall: As a scaredy cat, I was a little worried that I would be too scared while reading this book (Ghosts!), but since I love the authors previous books (The I Heart Band books!), I really was looking forward to this new series and wanted to try it. I'm glad I did! Even though a few times I got a little (Alright, a lot.) creeped out, I managed to keep reading because it was just that good! I wanted to know what was really going on with everything! If you love ghost stories, mysteries, or just good Middle Grade books, give this a try! Recommend it! :)

I received a ARC of the book from the author.

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