Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Week of Debuts Recap Post!

A Week of Debuts is now over! I had so much fun interviewing these authors, and getting to have you all read the interviews this week! Thank you again to Abby Cooper, Janet Sumner Johnson, K.C. Held, Jennie K. Brown, and Bridget Hodder for letting me interview you! And thank you to everyone who commented on the posts, tweeted them out, posted about them on Facebook, and any other way you supported them! :)

And now here's a recap of all the posts! :)

The first day of A Week of Debuts featured an interview with Abby Cooper! Where she talked about her book, Sticks & Stones, what her favorite word is, and more! :)

The second day featured an interview with Janet Sumner Johnson! She talked about her book, The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society, why she loves writing Middle Grade books, and more! :)

The third day featured an interview and giveaway (which goes through March 2nd, go enter!) with K.C. Held! We talked about her book, Holding Court, what her favorite time period is based on the clothing worn then, and more! :)

The fourth day featured an interview with Jennie K. Brown! Where we talked about her book, Poppy Mayberry, the Monday, her favorite Disney movie, and more! :)

The fifth day featured an interview with Bridget Hodder! Where she talked about her book, The Rat Prince, her favorite color, and more! :)

All of the authors also talked about what books they're looking forward to in 2016 in the interviews! :)

I hope everyone had as much fun reading these interviews as I did asking the questions! And I hope you maybe added some new books to your TBR because of them! Thank you again to everyone! :)

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