Friday, March 4, 2016

Random Fridays: Spring 2016 Reads

Random Fridays is hosted by Awkwordly Emma

I have fun reading Emma's blog posts for Random Friday! The topics are fun, and I love how it's not just about books, but other fun topics are included, too! And I thought it might be fun to participate in it! :)

This weeks topic is spring 2016 reads! I'm going to try and just list five of the books I'm looking forward to, just because this post would probably be a little too long if I listed every book I'm looking forward to this spring! :)

I think of spring as the beginning of March to the end of May, and that's the months the books below release! :)

I love the covers of the MIX books, and this one looks and sounds so fun! :)

After doing an interview with the author, and reading a special chapter on her website, I'm even more excited for the book! :)

This sounds like fun! :)

This book looks like a fun mystery, and after doing an interview with this author, too, I'm looking forward to it even more! :)

One, it's a new Jen Malone book, I'm obviously looking forward to it because of that! Two, even if I had never read any of the authors previous books, I would still be excited for it because it sounds so fun and perfect for summer! :)

What spring 2016 books are you looking forward to? :)


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to Sarah Strohmeyer's and Jen Malone's books. I've loved all of Sarah's, and I can't wait to read Jen's first full-length venture into YA.

  2. I'm reading Holding Court now, and it is SUPER fun! And I totally agree about Jen Malone's stuff. Can't wait!


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