Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Interview With Katy Upperman!

Today I'm happy to present an interview with Katy Upperman! Ms. Upperman is the author of the YA book Kissing Max Holden, which releases August 1st! :)

Here's the interview!

The bold font are the questions I asked, the regular font are her answers, and the bold italic font are my comments about her answers.

Would you please describe your book, Kissing Max Holden, in seven words?
Baker girl kisses bad boy; trouble ensues.

If you could go into any book, and live in that world for a day, which book would you pick?
I feel like Hogwarts is the obvious answer here and yes, Hogwarts, but without the trolls and three-headed dogs and enormous snakes and Dementors and He Who Must Not Be Named. But also, I think it’d be so cool to live within the pages of the Graceling series – particularly the setting of the book Fire. Kristin Cashore has such an amazing imagination and has built a complete and unique world.

Random question! What's your favorite thing to bake?
Oh, gosh. There’s really nothing I don’t love to bake! My go-to treat for parties and events and just as a snack to keep around the house are Chocolate Chip Cookies and I’ve got to say… I make a pretty spectacular batch. J I also appreciate the challenge of a good yeast bread, especially because the finished product is so rewarding, and I love to make pies with flaky, homemade crusts. Basically, I just want my house to smell like a bakery at all times!

I'm hungry now after reading your answer!

What's one piece of advice you would give to aspiring authors?
Keep writing. Your first book probably isn’t going to be all the great (mine was AWFUL), but with time and practice, your writing will get better and better. Often, you’ve got to draft and then trunk a manuscript or two (or three or four) before you write The One. Also, embrace revisions! A first draft is only the beginning – give yourself the space and time necessary for tearing your story apart and putting it back together, sometimes repeatedly. It’ll be worth it!

I really like this advice!

What are some MG and YA books you're looking forward to in 2017? And if you've already read some '17 books, which books have you loved?

I’ve been lucky enough to read several 2017 YA debuts, and they’ve all been incredible! I’ve got lots of love for Katherine Webber’s The Heartbeats of Wing Jones, Tracey Neithercott’s Gray Wolf Island, Sara Biren’s The Last Thing You Said, Christina June’s It Started With Goodbye, Caroline Leech’s Wait For Me, Kristin Orlando’s You Don’t Know My Name, Chelsea Sedoti’s The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett, and Vic James’s Gilded Cage. And, I’m very much looking forward to these debuts: Kate Hart’s After the Fall, Kate Watson’s Seeking Mansfield, Rebecca Barrow’s You Don’t Know Me But I Know You, Tiffany Pitcock’s Just Friends, Maggie Ann Martin’s The Big F, Jennifer Honeybourn’s Wesley James Ruined My Life, Jilly Gagnon’s #Famousand Nikki Katz’s StringsAs far as non-debuts, a few I can’t wait to read are Heather Demetrios’s Bad Romance, Jessi Kirby’s The Secret History of Us, Jenny Han’s Always and Forever, Lara Jean, Miranda Kenneally’s Coming Up For Air, and Katie Cotugno’s Fireworks

All awesome sounding books!

Thank you so much to Ms. Upperman for participating in this event! :)

Author bioKaty Upperman is a graduate of Washington State University, a former elementary school teacher, and an insatiable reader. When not writing for young adults, Katy can be found whipping up batches of chocolate chip cookies or exploring the country with her husband and daughter. KISSING MAX HOLDEN is her debut novel.

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