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Mini Reread Review: Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

Mini Reread Review: Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne

Walk the runway for all the world to see?
Nope. No way. NEVER.

At least, that's what I thought—until Aunt Doreen secretly entered me in the Miss HuskyPeach pageant for plus-sized girls. I couldn't do it, but I felt too guilty to quit.

There was only one way out...

This is the story of thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris, who used to be perfectly comfortable with her weight. She also used to think nothing would make eighth grade worse than super-popular, super-mean Lively Carson's persistent insults and attempts to steal her best friend. But along came the chance of being crowned a chubby teen queen, and suddenly it was clear: Things could be much worse. So Celeste crafts a plan—she'll sacrifice her chocolate cookie obsession, lose weight, and shrink right out of the competition.

What follows is a series of escapades both hilarious and horrifying, as our heroine tries to hold her head high both on the catwalk and off—and learns to show the world who she is from the inside out

-summary and cover via Goodreads

Mini Reread Review: I've never fully reread this book before, I have picked it up and reread a few pages before now, but I haven't read it fully since 2009 after the book first released. This is an enjoyable MG book about a girl who has to participate in a pageant type thing that her Aunt signed her up for without her knowing it. One of the reasons she doesn't want to do it is because it's for plus size girls, and after being bullied enough at school because of how she looks, she doesn't want to model in it because that would just be more for her to deal with. Add in friend problems and you have the book! The main character, Celeste is very likable and you'll enjoy being in her head as she grows in the book! If you're looking for a good MG book, this may be one you would enjoy!

The Cover: I like it! It gets your attention and the colors used on it are bright and happy looking! The only problem I have with it is the fact that in the cookie on the cover is a outline of a girl, and by looking at, the girl does not look plus sized at all, she looks average in my opinion! That bothers me, but otherwise the cover is one I like!

Would I Recommend This Book?: Yes! If you think you might like it, try it!
Authors Website:
Series?: No! It's a standalone book!
Publisher: Dial
Age Range: Middle Grade


  1. This book is so cute, and I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I read it way back in eighth grade, but I still have fond memories of the protagonist's voice. I also agree that the cover is nice except for the silhouette - that girl is not an accurate representation of what I pictured Celeste looking like. I can see why cover designers do that so often, put "perfect" people on covers, but it still bothers me a bit.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you've read it before! Yeah, I get why they use "perfect people" on the covers of books, but it's kind of frustrating to me. :( And if they aren't going to put a person on it who looks like the person in the book, then I would like for them not to put anyone on it at all, you know? It would have looked fine without the outline of a girl on it! I like it overall, though! :) That part just bothers me a little bit! It's neat to hear you read this book, too, though! :)


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