Tuesday, March 25, 2014

List of the Week! Things I'm looking Forward to in Summer!

This feature is probably going to be posted on Thursdays from now on either every week or every other week! :)

I've been thinking of doing this feature on the blog for awhile now (I LOVE lists! Reading and making them!), where I'll make a list every week, listing movies, books, or music that I love! Or maybe I'll do a list ranking things! Or maybe I might do a list like today, where I list things I'm looking forward to in Summer this year! It has been horribly cold this Winter here in Florida (and yes, I hear all you people up north laughing at me!) and while it has been warm the past week, we're going to get another burst of Winter this week. Which has me dreaming of Summer days! Here is a list of things I'm really looking forward to in Summer this year!

1. Not having to wear jackets when I leave the house!

2. Being able to wear Summery dresses again!

3. 4th of July events!

4. Going to the park and walking around!

5. Going to the beach again!

6. The feeling of lazy days... (not that I get that many lazy days, but you know!)

7. Wearing flip flops again!

Okay, I'm not going to list anymore today, but I have a few lists thought of for the next few weeks, too!

Do you like this feature I'm doing?! :) And feel free to make a list in the comments if you want to! :)


  1. I love the feature! I like making lists too, even if there's no need for one. lol

    1. Lists are awesome! And thank you!!!!!!! :)

  2. The beach! Yes! Oh, I love the beach. I've been once so far this year on a warm day, but I cannot wait to go a lot more often. The feeling of sand in my toes and the salt water is just so awesome. Great list!

    1. I haven't been this year yet, and I miss it! Hope I get to go in the next month! And yeah, I love the feeling of the water and the sand on my feet! It's wonderful! :)

  3. Lists are fun! I'm so ready for the beach - and beach reads!


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