Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi my name is...

Hi my name is Jessica! I have been reading book blogs for awhile and finally decided to start a blog. I'll probably talk mostly about books. But I may also talk about movies, tv, music and anything else I think of.

I learned how to design my header from the Mint Tea and A Good Book Video Tutorial which was really nice and helpful considering I had no idea how to make one. I think it looks alright even though I've never done one before.                                             

                                     Here's a few things about me:
            1. I'm 17 and have been homeschooled my entire life
            2. My favorite kind of books are YA and middle grade fantasy.
                But I also love contemporary, graphic novels and manga.

            3. I'm a christian

            4. I still love watching animated tv shows and I'm not ashamed of that. : )

            5. I LOVE my local library

So I really hope you like my blog!



  1. I love your blog so far and I also just started my own blog!!! Definitely following your blog!!

    Here's my blog, Read Books and Live Green

  2. Welcome to Bloglandia! (my made up preferred name for it) ;)

    I adore my library too.


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