Monday, May 5, 2014

Top Ten Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces of Art

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I love the topic this week! I would love to have all of my favorite covers as posters on my wall! To limit myself, I'm just letting myself list covers of books I have read, if I let myself list any covers at all, this list would be waaayy longer than ten! :)

Top Ten Twelve Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces of Art

What's your TTT? :)


  1. The Chaos of Stars does have such a pretty cover. Jennifer E. Smith tends to have such lovely covers too!

  2. The Chaos of Stars looks to pretty! Good choice :)

  3. Snicker of Magic is so cute! I love that cover. And Jennifer E Smith's books always have SUCH cute covers. They all look quite similar too, so I originally thought it was part of a series! haha! Nice picks. :)
    My TTT!

  4. Oooh, I love your choices! A snicker of magic is particularly great - it would look fab in a little girl's bedroom! :)

    Jane x

  5. Lots of great covers here. I particularly love the Keeper of the Lost City covers and the Jennifer E Smith ones


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