Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yay for Middle Grade Books: Interview With Laurel Gale!

Today I get to present an interview with Middle Grade author Laurel Gale! Ms. Gale is the author of the MG book, Dead Boy, out now! :)

Here's the interview! :)

The font in bold are the questions I asked, the regular font are her responses, and the bold italic font are my comments about her answers.

1. Would you please describe your MG book, Dead Boy (Out now!) in five words?

Boy wants friends, fun, pulse.

2. What was your favorite book when you were in Middle School?

In middle school, I read everything by Christopher Pike. It’s probably fair to say that I was a teensy bit obsessed. Not that being obsessed with books is a problem! His novels really got me into science fiction and fantasy. The first book I read by him was See You Later, which I read it during the summer before sixth grade. It remained my favorite for a long time.

3. Random question! What's your favorite food?

I’m hungry right now, so everything sounds good right now. Well, not everything. I can be a pretty picky eater. I have a sweet tooth and am very fond of fruit. I think ice cream topped with lots of fresh fruit (nothing syrupy) might be my favorite food.

Ice cream with fresh fruit sounds good right now! :)

4. If you're able to talk about it, are you working on any MG books now?

I’m working on my next middle grade novel. It’s not a sequel to Dead Boy, but I think it will appeal to the same readers. I’ll post more details to my website,, as soon as I can.

5. What are some of your favorite Middle Grade books?

The love for science fiction and fantasy that I developed in middle school has stayed with me, so most of my favorite books fall into these genres regardless of the age group they’re written for. I absolutely adore The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. And so, so many others.

I need to read some of these! :)

Thank you for participating in this event! :)

Author Bio: Laurel Gale writes children's fiction. Dead Boy is her first novel. She currently lives in the Nevada desert with her husband and her ferrets.

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