Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yay for Middle Grade Books Intro Post!

I'm very happy to be able to present two full weeks of Middle Grade book fun here on the blog! Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting interviews and guest posts with thirteen wonderful MG authors who took the time to answer my questions and write these guest posts! These authors are all awesome, and I'm very excited to get to have everyone read their fabulous guest posts and interviews! :)

Here's the schedule:

15th Intro Post
16th Jen Malone = Interview
17th Kathleen Burkinshaw = Interview
18th Gail Nall = Guest Post
19th Laurel Gale = Interview
20th Janet Sumner Johnson = Guest Post
21st MarcyKate Connolly = Interview
22nd Lauren Magaziner = Interview
23rd Erin Moulton = Interview + Giveaway
24th Irene Latham = Guest Post
25th Ronni Arno = Interview
26th Jess Keating = Interview
27th Joanne Levy = Interview
28th Merrie Haskell = Interview
29th Wrap-Up Post

I hope you enjoy reading all these post over the next two weeks, and that maybe you'll find some new books to read because of them! :)

And if you want, feel free to share the images in this post to help promote the event! (I really appreciate it!) :)

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