Monday, January 1, 2018

Books I'm Looking Forward to Reading in 2018!

Here is my annual post talking about what books I'm looking forward to reading! In this post I will list what Picture Books, Middle Grade books, YA books, Adult books, Graphic Novels, and Non-Fiction books I am looking forward to reading in 2018! Now, I know there are books that I will want to read in 2018 that won't be listed here. Because I forgot to mention them, didn't know about them at the time of this post, etc. But this is fairly long list of books I'm looking forward to! And I hope you might find a new book to look forward to from this post! :)

If I got a release date, title, cover, or anything else wrong, I apologize. I try to be accurate in these posts, but I do miss things. Please, tell me if you know something is inaccurate here in this post and I will try to fix it.

Listed in categories of Picture Books, Middle Grade books, YA books, Adult books, Graphic Novels, and Non-Fiction. Listed in those categories by the authors last name.

Books with a * next to them mean (As far as I am able to tell.) that the book is by a debut author. Easier to support debuts that way!

Here we go! :)

Picture Books:

Middle Grade:



Graphic Novels:


All of these books look amazing! Are you looking forward to any of these? What books are you looking forward to? Tell me here or on Twitter, I'm always looking to add books to my TBR list! :)


  1. Ah, so many books on this list! Some ones I'm really anticipating are Sky In The Deep, The Truth Lies Here, The Lies They Tell, and Honor Among Thieves! 2018 is going to be such a great year for books! :D

  2. Wooow this is such an epic list!! I'm looking forward to a ton of these too, like Sea Witch and The Art of French Kissing (I hope there's lots of baking because those macarons look deliciousđŸ˜‚) and Ink Iron Glass!! 2018 is honestly going to be amazing for books ahhh I'M EXCITED.

    1. I've actually never had a macaron, but they do look good! And yes, it's going to be an amazing year for books! :)

  3. And my TBR list just grew two sizes :)


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