Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my Birthday!!!!!!! Now, I don't have a giveaway planned for today, but a few blogs I follow posted lists of facts about themselves on their Birthdays, and I thought that might be fun to do on here for mine! If you're not interested in this post, feel free to skip it, alright? :)

I'm turning 19 today, and here are 19 facts that you may or may not know about me! (And that you may or may not be interested in!) :)

1. I'm a Disney fan! Like, a major fan. A few may call it obsessive, but I call it dedicated. (Top 5 Disney Princesses Movies? Tangled, Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, Mulan, and The Little Mermaid!)

2. Vera Bradley purses are my favorite! I Love them! I have been building my collection for years now (My Mom gave me one of her old ones when I was about twelve, and that was my first VB purse!).

3. If you tweet me/read my blog posts you may have realized that I use :) a lot.

4. IRL I'm pretty shy when I first meet someone new, but after I get to know them, I'm a very talkative person! (And I get told a lot that I talk waaayy too fast!)

5. I collect different copies of A Little Princess, which was one of the first classics I ever read. (I have about eight different copies of it now!)

6. Flip-Flops are the best kind of shoes and I wear them whenever I'm able to! :)

7. I LOVE video games! Nancy Drew games (Top 3 are Trail of the Twister, The Deadly Device, and Secret of the Scarlet Hand!) are my favorite, but I love Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Endless Ocean, and anything that involves exploring a big world!

8. I love those puzzle books you get, but my favorite are the logic puzzles!

9. I love the comics in the Sunday paper,  my favorite are Foxtrot, Sally Forth, and Garfield! :)

10. I love drawing! I used to draw a lot, but the past few years I got out of it.  I began to draw more again recently and I'm enjoying it again! :)

11. I love decorating cupcakes and using icing! :)

12. My absolute favorite soda is Mountain Dew (I kind of love the caffeine I get from it! (; ) and I don't like Pepsi/Coke-Cola at all.

13. I have posters and calendars all over my walls!

14. Ice cream is my favorite dessert! :)

15. I don't ask for a regular cake on my Birthday, I actually like cookie cake better! (With a lot of icing!)

16. History is my absolute favorite subject in school! (My favorite time period to read/learn about is the Revolutionary War!)

17. I love crafting and making things! (I'm learning how to do plastic canvas right now!)

18. I have a dog named Bruno that I love teaching tricks to! :)

19. I think beginning this blog is one of the best things I have done because I have learned about so many amazing books and gotten to talk to so many wonderful people because of it! :)

I hope you had fun reading all those things about me and that it wasn't too boring! ;)


  1. Happy birthday again! Is it bad that I thought you were way younger than 19?

    1. Haha, no! But wait. In a good or bad way? :)

    2. Idk, you just seemed younger. Not immaturely, just you seemed more like a high schooler.

    3. I am a high schooler! :) I'm going into my senior year, I started school a little later because of my birthday and medical problems I had around that time.


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