Thursday, July 24, 2014

Horse Books!

I have heard people mention that most girls go trough a horse book phase and want to read any book that has anything to do with horses at all! I was one of those kids, except that I never really grew out of it! If I read about a book that features horses, I'm going to probably at least try it!

I thought it would be fun to talk abut a few of my horse books and series from when I was younger, a few that I love now, and talk about one that I want to read! :)

First, the books I loved when I was younger! 

All of the above books I loved when I was younger, but I admit that love all of them today, too! :)

Horse Books That I Love Now!

All three of the books above are very good! :)

And now, a book that I'm looking forward to reading!

This book looks good!

Were you a fan of horse books when you were younger? Do you still like them? What horse books do you all recommend? :)


  1. Have you read the Canterwood Crest series? It's actually split in two parts - the first 12 books are narrated by Sasha, and the latter half of the series is narrated by Lauren. Personally, I didn't enjoy Lauren's books (too much drama, and the synopses on the back oftentimes didn't match the story itself), but I LOVED Sasha's part of the series (well, for the most part) and wished we could've read more from her POV.

    1. I read the first... two? I think books, liked them, and then never went and read more of them, I need to! I'm glad you liked them! :)


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