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Review: Summerkin

Review: Summerkin by Sarah Prineas

(Warning: spoilers for the first book in the series in the summary and review below)

"Down through the Way she fell, feeling the wind and the pressing darkness, the dizzy thump when she landed on the bank. She was through. The air felt softer here, the shadows deeper—and the pull of her connection to the land settled into her bones."

In the Summerlands, time moves slowly, roots grow deeply, and change is not welcomed. But change is needed.

After defeating the wicked Mor and freeing her kin from deadly oaths made to this false ruler, Fer is now the rightful Lady of the land. Yet her people don't know what to make of their new Lady's strange ways, and neither do the High Ones, the rulers of the magical realm, for Fer is an outsider—half human.

To prove herself worthy of the Summerlands crown, Fer is summoned to compete in an epic contest where her strengths and skills will be tested and her loyalties challenged. Can she trust Rook, the puck she calls friend? Can she trust herself? If Fer fails, she will lose her land and the Way will be closed to her forever.
-summary and cover from goodreads

The plot: I really liked the plot, though not quite as much as the first book. I think because in the first one I really enjoyed watching Fer discovering the Summerlands for the first time, while in this one she ventured outside of that land and into another that I did not like quite as much. I did still like it a lot though! It was still a very fun story that made me want to find out what would happen! I also loved the choice Fer made in the end about the oaths!

Characters: I love that Fer is very loyal to friends even when things look bad about them. Fer is a very good heroine. I love Rook and I loved being able to meet the other pucks in the book, like Tatter. 

The cover: I love it! I loved the first books cover also. And I've seen the final books cover and it's amazing too! The covers in this series are amazing!

Overall: I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it! But if you have not, go and read the first book before this one, a lot more will make sense if you do! A really good MG fantasy series! I'm looking forward to the next one!

I checked this book out from my local library.

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