Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Year Blogoversary!!!!!!!

Today is my one year Blogoversay!!!!!!!!! A year ago today I began this little blog! When I began it I had no idea if I would blog for very long. I mean, I liked the idea of blogging, but I didn't know if I would be able to keep up with it. It makes me happy that I have been able to keep up with it fairly well, and that I love blogging now! Is it obnoxious of me to list a few of my favorites posts I have written and a few fun facts, too? I hope it's not because I want to!

My very first post!

My post with the most page views!

My first review posted on the blog!

My first non-review, non-meme, post on the blog!

My first What Do YOU Think? post!

My first Marvelous Musical Friday post!

That was probably only interesting to me, but I had fun looking those things up! :)

I wanted to do something on the blog today in honor of that, but I got busy and before you knew it, April was here and I never did anything. But I wanted to post at least a little celebration post on the blog today and I thought that thanking ALL OF YOU would be the best way to do that! In alphabetical order below, I wanted to just thank a lot of you who I either talk to a lot or are just people whose blogs I love and aspire to be like eventually (Or both!)! (Warning: I'm going to get a little mushy in this post, okay?)

Cal @ Read Books and Live Green (The first blogger I truly remember talking to, and probably the blogger I talk to the most! Whether it's books, Nancy Drew games, or anything really, I know if I need to have an all caps twitter talk then you're the one to go to! You're awesome!)

Emily @ Forever Literary (If I need to rant, I know Emily is going to be there tweeting to me about it! :) Wonderful person and one of the most eloquent people out there.)

Jennifer @ YA  Book Nerd (Blogger of one of my favorite blogs and very nice person!)

Jessica @ Fly to Fiction (Talking to her about dance, historical fiction, or music is always fun and she is one of the nicest people!)

Kaye @ Watercolor Moods (Wonderfully smart and nice, too!)

Shae @ Shae Has Left the Room (Very nice person and wonderful blogger!)

Stacie Cruz @ Bibilophillic Nerds  (Nice and wonderful person!)

Summer @ Blue Sky Bookshelf (Fangirling over books (Ally Carter!) or just talking (Tweeting) to her in general is always fun! Wonderful person and blogger!)

I know I forgot to mention people in this post, but I was writing it in a hurry to make sure it was done in time!

I just want to say to all of you who read my blog, to everyone who has commented on it, and to all of you who talk to me on Twitter, you are all wonderful, amazing, nice, and in general just awesome people! I would love to just hug all of you! *hugs* I have gotten to read a lot of wonderful books, find a lot of amazing blogs, talk to a lot of amazing bloggers, authors, and above all, readers, because of this blog! I didn't know how major a part of my life this blog and all of you would become when I began it!

THANK YOU to you all and here's to another year! :)


  1. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! You deserve all the kindest words in the world, and I love talking to you too! I'm so glad we started talking to one another on Twitter, and I'll have to agree with what you say about Emily and Cal, both of whom I love. (And Stacie. Whoops!)

    Here's to many more blogoversaries to come! *throws confetti*

  2. Woo, Happy Blogoversary! I hope to see you for many more. :D

    *tops Jessica and throws kitten shaped confetti* :P

    ★ Under The Mountain ★

  3. Happy Blogoversary!!! I'm glad you had a good year on the blogsphere! I can't top Jessica's and Vickie's confetti throwing awesomeness, so how about I bake you a cake instead? :) See you around!

  4. Congrats on one year of blogging! May you have many more!! :-)
    Megan @ Books i View

  5. aw thank you! Congrats on your first year - I see this blog running for a long time :)

  6. SUPER late, I know, but I blame school. Happy belated blogoversary, Jessica! Thanks for the shout-out, it's always fun talking to you too!


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