Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: Postcards From Venice

Review: Postcards From Venice by Dee Romito

Twelve-year-old Skyler is about to go on the biggest adventure of her life. Her mother has been relocated to Venice, Italy, with the possibility of a long-term move. While there, Skyler takes on an informal internship and will be blogging about the city--a position that could lead to even bigger things if all goes well.

One of her fellow interns, Logan, is cool, cute,and Australian. But the other intern, Zara, seems determined to sabotage Skyler's chances. And with a big assignment coming up, Skyler is already stumped.

Wishing she had someone to talk to, the first person who comes to mind isn't even on the same continent. Skyler knows that her BFF, Ella,would have all the answers, especially how to solve the writer's block. But after a summer bucket list that went awry, they didn't leave on the best of terms. Thanks to technology, Skyler and Ella get a long-distance shot at mending things.

But when Skyler's writing mistakes start to pileup, she isn't sure if she's up to the task. With the help of some Italian magic and her oldest friend, can Skyler learn to love her new city and stay connected to what matters most?

Postcards from Venice is a companion to The BFF Bucket List.
-summary and cover via Goodreads

Plot: I loved reading about Venice! I would love to visit Italy one day, and reading the descriptions of Venice in the book was wonderful! (But seriously, all the mentions of gelato had me wanting a bowl of it myself!)

Characters: I liked all the characters in the book! I enjoyed reading about Skyler's adventures through Venice.

The cover: M!X covers are always fun, and this might be one of my new favorites!

Overall: This was a really enjoyable Middle Grade book, that is would be great for summer! (Or anytime of year!) Definitely recommend this book! :)

(Bonus: The reference to one of the authors other books, No Place Like Home, was fun!)

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher.

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