Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mini Review: The Key to Extraordinary

Mini Review: The Key to Extraordinary by Natalie Lloyd

Mini review: Another beautifully written book by this author! (This book just made me even more sure that Natalie Lloyd is now one of my favorite authors!) If you loved A Snicker of Magic (And if you haven't read that book yet? Go read it!), then you'll like this one, too! Loved getting to visit the Boneyard Cafe (And I want some boneyard brew!), and getting to know Emma, Cody Belle, Earl, Grandma Blue, Topher, Club Pancake, Waverly, and everyone else! Definitely recommend this Middle Grade book! :)

And here are three quotes from the book, that I love:
I don't think of these quotes as spoilers, but some people might. Depending on what you think of as spoilers, you might not want to read these quotes.

"Just when you think you don't have it in you to bloom anymore, you do."

"Believe me, future Wildflower:
You are living an extraordinary life,
day by day by glorious day.
Never doubt your starry aim."

"In the eyes of many people, I may never live an extraordinary life.
But I will love in extraordinary ways. And I hope I always see the best in people."

I checked this book out from my library.

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